<cares> 10m 11/14HM recruiting for mythic

Currently recruiting a few more for mythic raids in WoD. Doesn't exactly matter what you play since we can play anything. But, you know, a girl has her favorite shoes. Having the appropriate skin color is even better, but exceptions can be made if your skill level evens out your unwanted skin color.

Also open to possible mergers/raid leader so that I can go back to raiding while smashed 100% of the time instead of 75%.

Did I mention that we got the world first WoD dungeon boss kill?

Also the only progression guild on KT that does not capitalize the first letter of our name. Get @ us.

In-game contacts: Shoulderdeep or Suze

Or add my battletag: bottleLOL#1561
Bump. Looking for a good melee. Core spot.
Still in need of a solid melee. rogue/dk/warrior/feral.
I'm looking to transfer servers and getting serious about raiding again, my gear might not be up to snuff atm, but I've played rogue pve off and and on since bc.
You're lucky to have an experienced raider like me as a pug, one that can actually help you kill heroic bosses without standing in fire.

Not sure if serious.

[00:00:45.611] Farraki Wastewalker Blazing Sunlight Adezero 95880
[00:00:48.388] Farraki Wastewalker Blazing Sunlight Adezero 46449 (A: 1491)
[00:00:49.261] Unknown Sand Trap Adezero 96501 (O: 66131) (more)

[02:01:52.903] Gurubashi Venom Priest Venom Bolt Volley Adezero 22747 (A: 2089)
[02:01:58.804] Horridon Double Swipe Adezero 285761 (A: 68354)
[02:02:00.034] Horridon Double Swipe Adezero 207752 (O: 129471, A: 28401) (more)


Let's be honest, your DPS was terrible. 2 weeks ago when I had 504 ilvl I was doing 50% more damage than you did all night, so it's not your gear, it's how often you pressed your spells and what spells you pressed. (Hint: Mind Sear isn't optimal)

Yeah, kicking you and banning from Mumble wasn't the best way to go about it. It wasn't my idea and I would have gone about it differently. I know you didn't notice when we invited another person to the raid, but that was to replace you, not anyone else. (You were pretty clueless about that fact)

It's cool that you have Death's Demise, but based on your performance yesterday I'd say there's two options, you got carried through Yogg 0 and were probably one of the worst players in your guild when you killed it months behind, or you bought your account. I get annoyed when people accuse me of the latter, so I'll give you the benefit of a doubt and just conclude that you weren't that great to begin with.

You need to take a step back and realize you've got some serious delusions of grandeur.
05/22/2013 09:20 PMPosted by Adezero
ya, you can pull up the logs and see i died in a few things. most of those were from the pull being a wipe anyway and running into !@#$.

You didn't purposefully kill yourself on the first one, you were the first person dead. You were bad, straight up, quit trying to downplay it already.
it's guilds like this that make me not want to go back into heroic raiding. You guys notice the death's demise title? Just because this char's gear isn't great doesn't mean i'm bad. heroic raids are about not dying, and all wipes were your guild's fault, not mine.
You're lucky to have an experienced raider like me as a pug, one that can actually help you kill heroic bosses without standing in fire. Next time take it out on your guildies instead.

If you're gonna treat people like dirt, just 9 man it next time, or don't kill the boss.

We basically did 9 man it. No, your weapon from last tier isn't what is making your damage terrible. You got death's demise, congrats. Nobody cares what you did 3 and a half years ago. I gave the ring to one of our healers, both of which deserved it. You didn't pull your weight, period. You got carried through 2 free heroic kills, one of which you won loot off bonus roll. I've brought plenty of pugs as needed and they have always had a chance at loot. Just because you think you're some yogg superhero from 2009 doesn't guarantee you loot. I offer loot up for rolls, but in the end, we're loot council and you contributed so little to the kill that nobody wanted it to go to you.

I wouldn't have kicked and banned you from raid/mumble. Someone else did that. Definitely not how I would have done it, but i'm not going to apologize for it either cause I really don't care. He just didn't like you and he would have done that regardless of what dropped or whether you won or not. I tried to explain this to you in whisper, but you decided to come cry about it here. That one ring wasn't going to bring you over 100k dps.

tl;dr: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgCkmUS1IYI
Bump for a good dps that is chill and doesn't need their hand held while able to put in work. Full on paladins .
Adezero is bad maybe im not sure who he is but he sounds like a whiny brat bump for #cares
We elist all day. #cares
hit me up on realid Fanclub#1578
I'm interested, willing to realm change Maluu#1356
5/13 now. Still looking for a solid dps or possibly an exceptionally good non-pally healer.

Can add me for the chats: bottleLOL#1561
Council or whatever down. Need a dps hero. And by hero, I mean able to interrupt and actually do mechanics instead of worrying about ranks.
Looking for a full time tank for core spot. No paladins. (Seriously, no paladins)

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