(10) Delicious Cake recruiting

Area 52
Few spots left in core for raid team.

About Cake:

Located on Area 52 since Dec 2009.
Transferred from Elune after forming in July 2009.
Originally, 22 of 24 of our raiders came to 52.
The guild continues to stay tightly knit.

We raid 2 nights a week.
Tues and Wed 7-10 PM EST.
Thu is an option with one of our groups.

Guild is laid back, easy going and looking for solid people that will show up consistently for raids.
( Pugging / dragging tanks for ToT is interesting)

We have Mölsön and Labatts on tap. Cake with Beer!

You can contact any of my toons on 52
( Wont, Gralekk, or Could are all alts)
or check out our guild website at www.Deliciousguild.com

Thank you.
2 raid teams currently have needs:

Shaman or druid healer
Holy Paladin
Bump! Cake.
For the love of chocolate.

its delicious.
Still need a few good players.
I'm about to move this lock to a populated server and your raid times are perfect. My real id is Umorr#1968. Send a friend request and let's talk.
Still looking for 1 solid melee and 1 ranged DPS.
Ranged that brings haste buff is preferred.
The more progressed raid team downed 2 progression bosses tonight.
Including a very buggy Durumu.

Backups for any raid teams are always welcome.

We have another team that needs just a couple of more solid individuals to push progression. Considering anyone that is serious, but laid back.

My battletag: Kalagrencake#1211
All raid teams are close to completion,
just need a few more roles filled.
Backups / casuals ALWAYS welcome.
4 hours of raiding this week.
9 ToT bosses down, including 1 progression boss.

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