[H] 25M 11/13H LNPT Open Recruitment for 5.4

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Would love to see some talented raiders app.
Heals and DPS apply today
Recruiting dps and heals still
Still recruiting top talent
looking for some peeps to join us peeps
Wtb dps and heals
Still recruiting
Recruiting dps and heals
Wtb dps and heals
DPS and heals feel free to app
Recruiting top talent
Recruiting top talent
Always need more good players! New and talented raiders help us push our current raid group to perform even better.
If u parse and want a job plz throw in an app
Zul'Jin we need some good talented apps. Few heal spots open (shamans,priests,druids). Also some DPS would be great.
H meg progression is going well. Feel free to throw in an app and join us
Taking the kids to disney world this weekend
LNPT's still looking for some talented ranged dps (though all exceptional players are welcome to apply)
Dont do legs at the gym the day before going to disney
Don't be shy, just apply

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