[H] 25M 11/13H LNPT Open Recruitment for 5.4

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Iron man 3 was good but the first two were better
5/13 Heroic Now.
you still looking for heals?
@ leso - yes we are.

Also, H council down in only 11 pulls
Ieso what happen man you only showed up for 1raid night and bounced =(
Haha looks like drama
a controversial bump is still a bump though.
Hey tresend how ya been?
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One day my kids will learn to sleep in
Updated recruitment needs
What hatelock is trying to say is WTB A TANK!
What Cali said is still true
Updated to reflect downing H Twins in 8 pulls
Looking for more.

High: Good parsing
What druggy said
I miss jabanee, that guy was crazy.
Updated recruitment needs

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