[H] 25M 11/13H LNPT Open Recruitment for 5.4

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Morning Zul'jin
Heroic Durumu down
Heroic Primordius Down
Looking for R shaman, holy/disc priest and a capable tank. 2 heroics down last week. Moving quite fast.
What myth just said
Still recruiting top talent
Still recruiting esp a tank and a healer
Updated recruitment needs
Heroic Animus went down last week, and appears to be on farm after a quick second kill. We're looking for some healers and tanks and 1 more warlock for the final push on Lei Shen.
Recruiting top talent
Updated recruitment needs
Come join us for some H Lei Shen fun
Bump still need warlock and healers
Heroic Lei Shen down, WTB Holy a holy paladin.

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