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<Obsidian Spur> is a well established community of mature gamers that play a wide variety of games & MMOs; there are always people in our Mumble server playing/running something. We are an original WoW launch guild that's been in existence since Day 1. We recently moved to Thrall during the first week of Mists of Pandaria after calling Sargeras our home since November of 2004. Alliance greatly outnumber Horde on Sargeras, and this was amplified by the heavy exodus of Horde players to other servers over the years. This situation became extremely bad during Cataclysm, creating a toxic, broken environment for Horde players, especially since it was a PvP server. We have been thriving on Thrall since our transfer, expanding our community and looking to continue that! All players are welcome to join for a casual and fun environment.

Our core players have been raiding together since the early days of the game and have experience from MC through current ToT, clearing almost every tier while current content. We want that success to continue. We currently have two 10-man raid groups progressing through Throne of Thunder. I lead one of those groups which is 9/12 normal mode. We're looking forward to finishing off normals and get started on Heroic modes. Last tier our group was 16/16N & 3/6 H:MSV; we had some setbacks with player/role swaps and the holidays which slowed our progress significantly. We run 6 hours a week, Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8:30 to 11:30pm. We have plenty of other things going on in guild on other evenings, including another raid group who is also 9/12N. We have an open roll loot policy, if you can use it and it's an upgrade you roll for it. We're pretty curteous about passing upgrades to those who would get more benefit out of it but that's a decision for the specific players involved. We have used DKP and loot councils in the past, and that is not for us, we can make things work without overcomplicated systems in place.

For raids, we are looking for consistent players that are willing to step in, be ready to raid immediately, and carry their weight. Preference is for ranged DPS but other roles might be able to be accommodated. We currently have no druids or mages that run with us. We would be able to get you in for a trial run as soon as tonight (starting on Primordius), again we start at 8:30 server so let me know ASAP if you're interested in running with us tonight.

Please contact me on Bickdag or Skillganon in game if you are interested in raiding or just the guild in general. I am usually on after 8pm during the week and scattered hours on the weekends. Thanks!
Bump. Both of our 10 man groups are now 11/12. :)

Raiding recruitment: What we are looking for is 1-2 players that can perform any role that might be asked and are willing to help the group progress. Since we have 10 regulars, I cannot guarantee that you will get into every single boss kill, but we are more than willing to swap people around so that we can get people in for the boss kills they need most when looking for optimal gear drops. Some nights you'd be in for the whole raid, others maybe just a few bosses, but being part of the team and earning this trust with the group will set you up to be part of our group.

We have many players who have raided together for multiple expansions which proves that we are a fun group to play and work with. We have very laid back leaders/rules and gear is often passed or traded around based on group needs. We look forward to finding some more players that will be able to join us in this fun but competitive environment.

Message me in game if you want to talk further (Battletag Decado#1287).
Bump. My raid group runs Tues & Thurs 8:30-11:30pm, with an immediate opening for a tank. Other roles will be considered as well. We are 12/12N, 1/13HM and looking to make more heroic progression.

Contact me via battletag Decado#1287
We can also rotate roles if there is a quality player out there looking to join a good group of raiders making heroic mode progression.

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