<Synchronism> 25 man Raid

Area 52
<Synchronocity> Is now recruiting for exceptional raiders for 25 man raid content. Our current recruitment needs include DPS and healers of the following specs and classes:

Elemental Shaman
Shadow Priest
Windwalker Monk
Frost DK
Ret Paladin

Discipline Priest
Resto Druid

About Us:
<Sychronism> is currently a 10 man guild revamping and recruiting for the 25 man raid content. We are a mix of raiders originating from many different servers with one common bond, we are all experienced raiders with a bug for 25 mans. Our guild and raid leaders are both very experienced with many server 1st kills and US ranking in prior expansions as well as success with 25 man heroic content on the cutting edge of new patches and expansions.

Raid Times:

Tues/Thurs 9-11 Friday 8-11

We are in need of serious raiders who are looking to commit to raid group. If you have attendance issues, you are not someone who we will invest in. If you are a gear !@#$% looking to buff your ilvl and take gear from other people who need it more. Please keep looking.
If you 1 button macro or script, gtfo and cancel your account, needless to say, we don't want you.

Be good at your class, min max your stats, and put the raid group above your epeen long enough to kill bosses with us.

Looting Rules:
Mainspec over offspec is king. We run a simplified version of a loot council system. You will be required to write out your best in slot loot list and to stick to it. /roll will be used to show interest in a particular item and unless the item itself is either BiS for another person or a bigger upgrade then the winner of the roll, then the item goes to the highest roller.

For more information contact me in game; chubswy#1849
Time to get going folks
Still looking for more. Spots are filling fast.
NEED SOME PEEPS. Big things are about to happen!
Need more people! Filling up quick!
Almost done recruiting. need an spriest but all exceptional dps will be considered.

Get your spot while you can. Filling super fast
Still need an spriest!
Looking for a for a few still.
Still looking for a few good Raiders!
spriests please message
I'm Interested and i do have an spriest also he just needs more gear
I'm very interested as is my Ele Shaman buddy, I'll give you a shout to see if you still need either class.
Still looking for some more deeps
Only 2 spots to fill.
Looking for 1 healer, preferably holy paladin and 1 hunter/spriest.

Message me in game for more details.

What he said!
I am an spriest LF a guild full of reliables like you. Add me in game Aerodynamik#1246. ilvl 505, 2/12 experience but with good attendance. The 10M group I am in isn't going anywhere atm, looking to step up the game.

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