<Synchronism> 25 man Raid

Area 52
eh if your still looking for a frost DK, consider me, i know all fights on normal and the first 2 on heroic. I'm currently on the server Ravenholdt in the process of changing servers. I can Xrealm the raid to see how you guys think of me. I'm 512 ilvl frost 2H DK.
Plague i would love to talk to you in person.

Please add me and message me in game.
Still looking for a ww monk?
Just need one healer! Paladin/Shaman/Priest
UP UP AND AWAY, looking for that last healer, also looking to have about a 30man roster to cover vacancies for when RL !@#$ comes up!
Looking forward to the further progression of our 25m still could use a few peeps to round out the roster!
still need a ele shammy and ww monk?
We are now changing our recruitment needs to the following specs and classes:

Spriest/disc offspec
fury warrior

After 2 weeks of raiding and gearing potential raiders, we are 6/12 25 man and going strong.
Please feel free to message me in game for details.
Still recruiting:

Spriests/disc offspec
Fury warrior

Pst if interested to: Nightcross, Thorrvald, Greaterbob.

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