Please Get Rid of Dresses......

The same reason our class color is pink.
The reason for the "Dresses" is that a Warcraft paladin is a mixture of classic Paladin and Cleric style classes; Holy warrior-priests.

This means that occasionally we don sanctified robes as well as plate, or a combination of the two. You'll notice the other "Spiritual/religious warrior" types, Druids and Shaman, also wear robelike garments.

It's just as valid an aesthetic as a full-plate knight. If you don't like it, mog it.
Can someone please explain to me why the **** paladins continue to get dresses for their tier sets?

Because that is the signature style of a battle cleric.

It looks great on female toons! I agree, however, I'm not playing a female toon.

It has nothing to do with being male or female. The Spartans wore mini-skirts. The samurai wore their hair in a bun, sort of. Your definition of manly obviously isn't as manly as you think.
I just wish they didn't make dresses for Tauren males. That looks ... wrong.

Better yet they need to show visible bra straps on male paladins.
Skirts are for healers.
I love them. Long flowing robes of steel.

But it's also because most plate legs they make look silly, especially with the boots. I do agree with making more bottoms and less full robes.
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I'd like to add fairy wings to that list

How could I forget the butterfly wings? I'm so embarrassed.

And the unicorns? We also have unicorns as a class mount. Weeeee!
The only thing I'd like to see is for blizzard to introduce more detailed meshes so we could have more complex armor. T2 is an awesome set, and I use it a lot, but the limitations of the game really screw it up. It's supposed to be more like strips of metal hanging down. Instead it's just a texture pasted over a dress. They stretch all funky, most races have no legs when they wear the dresses, they look dumb when mounted on most things, etc.

It's not the kilts or dresses or robes that is a problem, it's just how terrible the graphics engine is in the game. I don't suspect they'll be doing much there though. If they really wanted to though, they could make them look better. It's certainly possible to keep the happy, bubbly cartoon look and feel that wow has, while also increasing the details.

The question for Blizzard is most likely "is it worth it?" It would require huge amounts of changes to the 3D engine, changes to all the characters, changes to all the gear, etc. Considering how fragile the game engine is, I can't imagine they'd want to risk breaking 100 things just to make stuff prettier.
Well, if the skirts are a part of the character model itself (which I suspect they are, like cloaks are), then they may update them during the character remodeling. I wouldn't expect anything super-fancy, but they may look better at least.
For the record I would totally play a rainbow brite MMO
They're good. Don't get rid of them. They're in the minority anyway, as has been pointed out, and yet certain among them (T2) are among the most popular gear sets this game has ever produced.

So... no. Wrong.

Use transmog, it's really wonderful I promise.

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