Low Low Lowwww Damage in PVP

Hey all.

For some reason in these last couple of weeks I feel like I'm barley doing any damage at all to those around me. Some of my attacks like Slam are critting for 30k -_-.

Anyone have any insight as to whats going on? This toon isn't my main (which might be the issue) but still i wasn't under the impression that Warrior damage was so low.
You have the CS debuff on the target when you slam right?
Slam crits with CS up should be around 65-75k with your current gear. Maybe you're fighting tanks or dks in blood Presence? Even with the Tyrannical Sword, my slam crits are usually around 40k on unholy dks in blood pres.
I think the main issue is keeping up CS.
What the deuce, I have like 4 pieces of tyr not including the weapon and im critting harder than you lol. I usually priority mortal strike then cs then overpowers, and then slam if I have enough rage left over. Use your cooldowns man, I swear I crit someone for over 100k with a slam the other day.
When I was gemmed for pvp power, I was getting 130k slam crits. That's while popping avater/reck/banner and after a CS. Warriors can put out massive damage if you're combining your cds and using them properly i.e. try to build up as much rage before you pop your cd's and then start smashing someone's face. You'll notice a major difference.
we are fking forced to gem resil to survive a single frost bomb or deep freeze or two chaos bolts in a row or powershot the list goes on and on and as a result our damage kind of suffers.

the otherday i went full pvp power like everything was pvp power and i got around 17k pvp power, i hit people really hard but at the same time i was dying like instantly cause i only had 6k resil lol

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