At the risk of being a little giddy...

I finally have my first level 85! Yes, Caluuna has finally made it to Pandaria. Let's just say I have reached the max # of alts several times, and never really focused on getting to max level.

Anywho, I see you guys talking about how ret is bad, and what not, but I'm having a blast (soloing everything and never dying). Way easier to level than my mage, which I also love. I just hope I'm not going to regret getting to 90 on this character. If I don't want to raid, can I solo dailies and the like?
Dailies are pretty easy. Ret has great survivability against most quest mobs.
Ret's nowhere near as awful as the baddies like to cry and claim. It's quite solid for soloing old content and dailies.
Pay no mind to the forums.

You'll be able to do dailies, dungeons, raids and whatever else you like once you hit 90. So keep enjoying.
The only thing ret is "bad" at is rated battlegrounds (something you will probably never do). So don't worry about it. Ret is fantastic in every other circumstance.

Also, do yourself a favor and don't come to the forums. It's mostly whiners.
Guess I learned a valuable lesson. I will return to my enjoyment immediately!
Grats, its av weekend, we should hear your 90 by tomorrow. =)

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