SoD(H) LF a healer & Heal/dps for Weekly Raid

Hey there Turalyon,

We are looking for a dedicated healer AND another Heal/DPS hybrid for our weekly raids, which run every Sunday and Monday from 10pm-12am server time. We are working through each raid, and finished clearing Heart of Fear in normal mode last night!

We're looking for a couple consistent and enthusiastic folks to become staples in our raid team! Ilevel is less important than strong attendance and dedication to playing your class and learning the encounters we progress through - however, we do ask that you are geared enough to be running ToT LFR, and that you know what you are doing.

You will be healing alongside a disc/holy priest, so healers of other classes are highly preferred.

Please feel free to contact either myself or my co-leader Yandien in game, or check out our website at to learn more about our community!

Thanks for your consideration!

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