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Earthen Ring
Citizens of Azeroth!

Are you looking for a place of like minded roleplayers? Are you looking for tools for the community, to join together and not only share your experiences, works of wonder, and battles, but share in the experiences of others? Do you wish for a place where you can find roleplayers in a snap, and be able to collaborate to make a story fitting the heroes of the Alliance or Horde?

Then join us, on the Earthen Ring Roleplaying Network!

We have a community site for the Earthen Ring roleplayers to congregate and share in their tales of glory, woe, drama, and wonder. We pride in being years old, with not only having tools to help facilitate and benefit your roleplay, but a myriad of members of the server, from fresh faces to veterans, always ready to chat with about the game or whatever your interest may be (but mostly World of Warcraft. We're nerds like that.)

So give us a look, and hopefully Earthen Ring becomes a memorable home for you, as it did for all of us.

Site itself:
/bump gurio loves rp

Horde rp is where its at

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