[H] Grumpy Old Horde recruiting- bring cheese

Grumpy Old Horde [glvl 25] has completed our realm transfer from a more barren realm and is now looking to fill its ranks on Thrall. Guild leadership has been in the game six years and many on our team have been raiding together for 3+. We are a mature guild with an emphasis on minimizing drama. Most of our officers are in their 30s (or older). Assistant GM is a mother who will use your middle name to force you to behave. Beware her Cheez Whiz casserole.

Our raiding is semi-casual - if you are wanting cutting edge progression then look elsewhere. However we do request preparation and a reasonably predictable time commitment form raiders. We are willing to work with those who are newer to raiding as long as you are prepared to listen and take constructive criticism. Raid Team 1 is running T/H 7:30 to 10. A weekend raid team is also currently forming. Plans are to jump into MSV/HOF/TOES then move into ToTK as the groups seem ready.

We've got a little bit of everything else going on: guild runs, achievement runs, pet battling, and even some pvping. Personally I'm also looking for some other interested in a Challenge Modes team.

For more information or to discuss joining contact any of the following in-game:
Rylor, aka Myaltsalt
Cheese Whiz casserole? Sounds yucky!
Hey I like Cheese Whiz!
whats this I hear about cheese?
Apparently Clek likes Cheese Whiz casserole. I hope gnomes aren't the other ingredient LOL

Anyway, great guild, awesome people. If you are wanting to raid and maybe not quite ready yet, still levelling or maybe you are raid ready, this is a great guild to consider. We are still looking for more friendly individuals who are looking for an awesome guild. We have vent and all the other guild amenities (sp?). One raid team is ready to go, minus a tank I believe and our second team is being put together and scheduled to start raiding in the next week or so on weekends.
Recruitment continues, particularly for our 2nd weekend/flex schedule raid team.
So you post about Cheese Whiz casserole and don't even include the recipe?
For shame!!
Are yall looking for any DPS for your weekend runs, and what time are yall thinking about running it.
Yes, we're continuing to recruit for our weekend run. Currently starting at 7 server on Saturday, with continuation potential depending on group schedule.

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