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Bleeding Hollow
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I would be interested in doing something like this. This is a new account and it only goes up to WotLK, so I can leave this toon at 80 for awhile anyways.
I have a few toons I could do this on. Paladin (which it looks like there are a few already) DK, warlock, or I could push my lowbie shamans or druid. Add me baneleaf#1514 and we can see what is needed. I stoppled leveling my paladin and dk at around 60 to try to find a group like this.
I do not see a druid or rogue on this list. I have a 72 rogue or could power level a druid for any spec.

Edit. I just noticed I have an 80 mage available on the same account that my 72 rogue is on.
Just as an fyi, monk tank/dps is op reforge mastery and pulls 20k dps in fight with IL staying proper.
Also, http://www.twinkinfo.com/forums/f157/best-slot-herald-titans-30277/

For those interested in gearing for it.

We used that when we did our Herald group. It made the fight a joke.
Bumping this to keep it current, rogue is 75 and still open to rolling a druid for this if needed.
I have a few guildies interested in this as well so if folks cannot make it to one run we will post when they are geared up.
OOhh!! I'd be interested on my resto druid on alliance side!! ^_^

Her names dontpush!
Getting closer, gonna grind to 70 today.
Almost made it (65). Will be there before too long. Thank you all for your patience.
Pushing this back to the first page.
I was planning on doing that but it seems that they have hotfixed it :(
I'm not sure why you would want the title if you're going to cheat it. Seams kind of pointless, no?
That was before I made a lv 1 and went HAM leveling. If anything, leveling 1-80 in 4 days, gearing and getting it the 5th is pretty epic lol.
I still have my herald set on my lock if I am needed, in-game mail me I would gladly come.

Edit, I'm an idiot, shes 85.
I deed it!

80 now, let me know when you guys wanna get dat title.
I deed it!

80 now, let me know when you guys wanna get dat title.

Any plans on trying to gear via Naxx or Uld runs?
We can do that for sure. Just lmk when and I'm ready.
Tomorrow (8pm ST) Naxx run. Contact Ethlol or myself if intrested. Have 7 spots. Loot will be given to people participating in the Herald run before others fyi.

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