Something Impressive - 10 Man - Stormrage

Something Impressive (level 25) is currently recruiting tanks, heals, and ranged DPS for our 10 man raid team. Our raid hours are 7:30-10:30 PM Monday and Thursday. We are a semi-HC guild who are returning to raiding after a brief hiatus. Our guild is also open to casuals. Please send an in-game mail to Chiroptera or Taahir if interested.
At this time, we still have a spot open for a heals and ranged DPS. We are also accepting casual players and reserve raiders.
We have an opening for a hunter and a plate tank or resto shaman at this time. Please message Chiroptera or Taahir if interested.
507 BM hunter (myself) and 501 Mage (montyburns @ galakrond) we come as a pair. we're both dedicated and skilled players. Battletag: prestzel#1739
We are still recruiting for all spots at this time.

Allwin, I sent you a battletag request. My Battletag is ArgusMcCray#1484. Please send me a message if still interested.
We are still looking for a hunter and a resto shaman to fill out our 10 man team. Please send a message to my Battletag ArgusMcCray#1484 if you are interested.

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