(H) <Remorse> G2 LF 2 RDPS for progression

As the title says <Remorse> recruiting 2 Ranged DPS for Group 2 ToT Progression.

Our second group has not progressed as quickly as we hoped due to having an inconsistent group as well as players not pulling the numbers they should be. We are looking to correct this by developing a core roster of strong, dedicated players and are currently in need of 2 Ranged DPS.

A bit about our group in general:
-We raid Thurs/Sat 9:20-12:30
-Current progression is 3/12 (we expect to down Tortos this week, many of us have exp/attempts on other bosses in ToT - Raid leader is 8/12)
-Mainly comprised of players who have raided at a heroic level in previous expansions
-We have a strong Tank/Heal group and some great melee DPS!
-<Remorse> has a main group that is 1/13H, and has a variety of "mentors" available to help you maximize your characters potential

We are looking for someone committed, skilled and willing to learn. Please PST Panzerkin, Avynn or Kharnath in game for more info, or add one of us on Battle.net - Kharneth#1774 or Avynn#1194
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