Moderator Consistency

So a moderator locked our recruitment thread for posting in the wrong forums (server rather than Guild Recruitment). We do have a thead in Guild Recruitment as well, but the fact of the matter is that most players look to server forums to find guilds because they are specifically interested in that server.

This is not a QQ thread about our being locked, however. This is simply to point out a terrible inconsistecy in management. A fundamental principle of good management is consistency. Anyone who's been a decent guild master knows this. Anyone in the business world knows this.

If you are going to lock our recruitment thread because it's in the wrong forum, that's totally ok and well within the guidelines, but do it to all recruitment threads. Almost half the posts on the first page of Korgath forums are guild recruiting posts. If you (the hypethetical you) are going to lock a thread on principle, you need to be consistent.

- Kura
Are you speaking of the thread that was completely filled with bump responses? I mean completely filled with NOTHING but bumps? Looked more like a guild chat page than a recruitment thread.

Because that 10 page AfterLife thread isn't exactly the same thing. And that 7 page High Caliber thread where the posts are essentially "here's what has been updated on the first post of the thread". Or heck, how about the other 400 recruitment threads on this forum that are nothing more than a sea of mindless banter and constant bumps?

If you're gonna lock the GU topic, you better lock about 85% of topics on any server-related forum.

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