Cannibal's Story Time - The Cabal Caravan

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
The ground lit up in a hail of bullets around my feet as a rushed into cover. I slammed my back against the hollow log, pulling my legs in close as the rain of bullets continued in front of me. Sand was being kicked up from the impact, and loud thuds came from the nearby trees as the sharpshooters fired at my men. If you ignored the cloaked snipers firing at you, mortar teams trying to blow you to bits, flying machines going full auto on your position, raging war of the caravan's "warriors" and the battle cries of my men as they rushed into battle, Sholazar was a pretty nice place. Once the firing was directed elsewhere, I pushed myself off the ground, my left shoulder pad being thrown off by another bullet.

I pulled myself over the log as the wood took shots from the snipers, my right arm clenched around my sturdy ax. I got a quick glimpse of the caravan moving quickly towards me along a road on higher ground. I pushed off the log and began sprinting towards the road itself, a few bullets were fired from the marksmen, and a couple seconds later I felt a sharp pain in my leg. I pushed through it, using what little trees in the area I could as quick cover. I heard the flying machine above me spot my position, and circle around for more shots. Luckily, I reached a large rock just in time for cover. A nearby mortar and a few shells were knocked over to my left, probably discarded by the cowardly caravaners. I grabbed a mortar shell as the rock behind me was taking bullets left and right. I knew how the pilots thought... Circle around for a little bit until you see someone, dive bomb them and fire everything you've got and then pull up at the last second. So I used this to my advantage.

I slammed the butt end of the mortar shell against my gloved palm, and immediately tossed it high above my head. I could hear the flying machine pull up, and then watched as the machine exploded in a fire ball. It swerved in the air, most likely the pilot freaking out, crashing further in forest, and not long after I saw my men rush in to tear apart the pilot. That much made me smile. I grabbed the remaining three mortar shells, tied them to my belt and began running towards the road again.

As I took my first step I remembered I had been shot, and looked down to see red blood dripping down my green skin. I grunted through my tusks but decided to ignore the wound. Those too colors did not go together, but I wasn't going to let a little blood stop me from my mission. I grabbed my ax and limped my way towards the road. The Mammoth being used as a beast of burden was taking his time, but the angered Goblin in a bright purple suit was yanking his chain furiously. I set my ax down and grabbed a mortar shell, doing just as I did before and throwing it towards the caravan.

The shell exploded near the Mammoth, making the Goblin drop his chains in shock as the beast roared up on its back legs and trampled off into the forest. The Caravan was defenseless, save for a few marksme-... Nope. Their bodies just fell the ground with swords in their backs. My men surrounded the Caravan as the Goblin stumbled to his feet and leaped from his chair into the cargo hold. We rushed the wagon, tearing off the fancy doors, kicking off the wooden wheels and busting out the intricate windows.

My men dragged the nicely-dressed Goblin from his precious cargo, which was a fairly large pile of gold and an interesting, golden orb. He kicked and screamed as my Orcish comrades held him above the dirt road. I ordered a soldier of mine to interrogate him as I searched the wagon. When I walked out, the "dead" Marksmen had their rifles aimed at my head, my own men with their shields and weapons ready to attack their own commander.. But worst of all, that little purple-wearing brat was standing with his arms crossed over his chest and a wide smirk on his greasy face.

"You lose." he blurted out with a cackle. He snapped his fingers and a bag was thrown over my head from someone on top of the wagon. A brief second later I felt the full-force blow of a blunt object. And with that, I blacked out.

-Cannibal, the Barbarian of the Skies
that was pretty intense. it felt more like a starcraft story though as the theme seemed to revolve around modern combat. enjoyable read though :D

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