Resto Druid LF Guild

I'm a 510 Resto druid LF a ToT raiding guild. I"m 6/12 experience with soon to be 7th possibly soon. I'm looking for a guild that sees themselves getting 12/12 soon or already has 12/12. I'd prefer a 10man raid and 5+ sever time raids. Anything after 5pm is fine. Even raids on 10+ GMT are okay. Add Ashley#1420 if you have any questions. Thanks.
Hrrm looks like you got carried in one day to 7/12 and looking for a carry to 12/12? Than what? Get someone to carry you through heroics?
ehteam why not post on your main? vs a lvl 1 lol and your only 8/12 so where is the room to talk?

go away troll

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