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I had in mind to have this priest rp as a fortune teller/card reader. She will also be a bard. I was thinking she could be like a carnival worker or a Darkmoon Faire worker. If there is anyone interested in a kind of traveling entertainment type of rp, she would be delighted to have a partner.

I am thinking of a kind of traveling gypsies kind of thing. A group of us together traveling Azeroth in search of adventure and providing entertainment as we go to different cities. Anyone who likes to write poetry or do music or tricks of acrobatic skill is encouraged to contact me in game. I am open to creative ideas.

My question is: Can she be a member of the Darkmoon Faire troupe? Or would it be better to set her up with a separate group?
Okay can you DMF? Yes, but it has some limitations to it since it's only around one week per month.

If you are more bard like, it might behoove you to do something more independent. I'd have to ask Marii and Lia, but it might be an idea to try and have you come perform on tavern night as a means to generate more income at the bar. We'd need an AAMS for translation (or if you could dual box it that'd be easier), but it certainly would be different and unique for us and the server and could possibly be a lot of fun if you were interested. Hit me up in game if you think it's something you might want to persue and I'll talk to Mariiku and Liabelle for you.
I am very interested!! And yes I figured a bard might be easier to pull off, but she will do card readings, or some kind of psychic tricks. I have in mind making her a traveling show. Would sure love to find a partner to act as guard and friend.

I can be at the tavern thing if you want me to. AAMS would be good for translating. I am curious to see if some emotes are able to be 'heard' by other faction. Like actions more than words.

Hahnai strums her lute, the notes fill the air with lovely music.
The emotes that translate are the stock ones. Everything else turns into 'makes a strange gesture.' Which is why I mentioned the idea of dual-boxing. It's the easiest way to do a complete translation of information.

I'll talk to them and see what they think of the idea. It shouldn't be too difficult to swing having a BELF in our midst since we run a neutral bar. Maybe we host a horde gathering instead and just have AAMS translate orders for a horde gathering. I'll talk to them and I'll let you know here what results.
It seems it would be easier if you had a horde gathering for us to host it down at the Salty Sailor on tavern night. Perhaps the Rising Sun has plans for a meeting or something and we can act as caterers or something? Otherwise, if you were alliance we'd just say come on down since that tends to be our customer base.
*pokes head in thread*

Feel free to give us a call! I'm around most Tuesday nights, but that's also the night of Da Doctas' clinic, which would be a problem if you want Horde to attend. It's why I only show up occasionally to the Tavern as I have a couple of Horde toons. Poke Ketlan if you don't see a gnome. :)

As for the original question, I'd recommend being independent of the DMF to avoid any potential lore conflicts. It would also give you more freedom in your RP, particularly if you find more people who want to join your act. I'm not saying that playing as a DMF carnie shouldn't be done, just that it wouldn't be my personal preference.
Thanks for the info! Just wondering if it would fly. I agree Dersha, it will be better to be separate from the DMF.

I started an open rp thread for this idea, hopefully I can get some interest.


Any suggestions are welcome.
AAMS is awesome, they helped with a Guild RP for my guild with another and did a great job doing the translations, was a bit out of the ordinary for them since it was the first time they had done their service for guilds in other realms then their own.

♥ to AAMS!

Our guilds are not at war with eachother ICly, so we can't use AAMS anymore /sadface, so we had to adapt different ways of doing our translations -_-
AAMS makes a lot of things possible on our server. Their being neutral helps facilitate those wars and celebrations, so I don't see why you couldn't use them Ten.
I do a fortune telling act in Orgrimmar from time to time at the Wyvern's tail Tavern. Tukalzul to involved with his Guild to go traveling about Bard style.

On the other hand I'm an Altaholic and wouldn't mind making a new character to join. Be better anyway given you all seem to be on the Cenarion Circle and I only have characters on the Wyrmrest Accord server.
One of my characters actually has a tarot deck, it's pretty fun but it lacks the RL mojo. The best advice I think I can give is to understand each major arcana and the lessers. Understand what the reverse of each one is and also read up on The Journey of the Fool. Also remember, The Death isn't bad, it means change where reversal is stagnation. You want bad mojo it's The Tower (Ruin, Chaos, Destruction or a realization of the truth and explosive transformation) or Wheel of Fortune (Wheel of Fortune = Your bad luck will eventually turn good and your good will turn bad.)

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