[H] Selling Level 25 Guild

Like the title says! Willing to haggle a bit.


Toss me a request and send me an offer!
This guild will be transferred to Mal'Ganis in the next few days. I can name the guild however you please on transfer. please get in touch with me or Chiives for more details. We are not interested in milking anyone for too much gold. We will sell at a very reasonable price.
Bumping this up. I am asking for 60k. This is totally reasonable since I will save you $20 (holla) to change a guild name!

6 tabs, 800+ achievements.

I am transferring this weekend. So it's important anyone interested gets in touch.
Ill give you 35k.
I'll offer 40k, let me know if it duable..thanks.
Just purchased the guild. The transaction went very smooth, and guild was just as described including name change.

You're very welcome Chuck. Happy to be in Mal'Ganis. Already a major step beyond my previous low pop server. Enjoy and be easy.


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