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Hi I have windows 8 and my Addon button is not on character screen can someone please explain in easy step by step instructions on how to fix this issue im no computer genious and don't know anything about this and how to change and move program files or anything so please could u explain as easy as possible thank you very much
The Addon button doesn't show on the character selection screen unless you have at least one 3rd party Addon installed (The Blizzard items in the add-on folder don't count.)

What Addons do you think you have installed, and how did you install them? Where is World of Warcraft installed on your computer?

<S> offer's easy to use Clients for both Windows and OS-x, which make managing all your add-ons very simple.

I recommend these clients for those of us that might not be so savvy with these big grey and black box thing-a-majigers ;)

Simply download the Client, intall, and use the client to do all of the work of installation, management and upkeep of all your add-ons. has a brief tutorial for the downloading of the Client and its use.
I have and that's how I installed it n yes the addon button is at the character screen just not on mine its on all my friends n I have windows 8 so Im not sure but there is no program list like there used to be but im not very computer smart so I need step by step directions ive read other threads n how to do it but didn't understand them plus they were for windows vista and 7 not windows 8 so could anybody please help me
I don't even know how to find out where its installed on my computer told u imnot very good with code and computer programming or anything really for that matter sorry when it comes to doing anything like that I feel dumb I only know how to use my programs not troubleshoot
it is installed in program files do I need to move it and how do I do so n where should I move it to
Hello I figured it out now my addon button is there on character screen after I moved wow folder and reinstalled addons so thanks for the help guys
where did you move it the folder to?
where did you move it the folder to?

Probably the wow/interface/addons folder since that's where the game goes to look for addons.

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