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Hi all

I am returning to the game and would like to find a nice casual social guild on this server. Right now I have a 85 mage I am leveling up to 90. Also have a 81 Druid I will level up, this 80 Lock, 80 Warrior, 80 Shaman and so on.

I have raided before from Molten core and on up and been playing since 2006. Just had to take a break because of lousey internet that just got changed to something other then hughesnet.
this is my main toon I am leveling right now. Would like to at some point raid, but for now just working on getting to 90! Miss being in a guild that is really social and people actually hang out and talk on vent.

You guys should definitely speak to the GM of my guild, Grumpy Old Horde. The guild is a recent transfer here to Thrall and in rebuild mode. One raid team is full and working on getting the second one together. Great group of mature individuals looking for fun, friendship and raiding. In the future they are hoping to get a pvp group going as well.

The gm's name is Rylor but if you can't find him online you can ask for any officer.
Adult mature ts3 for wow

password: upload

will change after reply - or login
Relentless Dawn is a laid back guild with social aspects but also aspects for those who are interested in leveling, gearing, pvp, etc.

If you're interested message anyone on in the guild for an invite.

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