Mogu Rune of Fate – Lesser Charm Change

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I have over 6100. I get well over 100 a week.
Just tell him to stop doing his dailies and they'll disappear quick enough.

You get them from a lot of things other than dailies - sometimes 4 or 5 at a time.
Not 10 minutes ago, I was thinking about how when I get home, I need to do another set of dailies to get my Mogu coins before raid...I have 64 lesser charms, and now I don't have to.

I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much.
This change pleases me greatly. Maybe now I can start gathering runes on an alt.
As of 8:50 am central time it still states that the mogu runes of fate still cost 90 lesser charms, is there a delay in the hotfix?
I know it takes time for changes to take hold. I imagine the change will be visible later today.
This is great... i have 3,000 of them stocked and now i need LESS? Something else to spend them on please!!!
Awesome!. Last two weeks i was super lazy with dailies and such that i was sitting around 55 charms and today is raid night XD. Love ya Blizz
Pet battles make me more charms than dalies, its great.
finally, I might get runes on my alts now
Perhaps this will help me stockpile more gold, thats nearly 60 gold for half cost of charms
Thanks a lot for this change ! I really appreciate this.
Thank you.

I really appreciate this change.
Thx Blizz!
Pet battles make me more charms than dalies, its great.

Of course . Blizz wants more people to spend time playing Poke'Mon.
That's really good news that it went down to 50, but I stopped doing dailies for them just because the Mogu Runes (to me) are false hopes for loot. I may have probably gotten 2 loots from using them since the Mogu Runes came out. This is the 4th week getting no loot from using Mogu Runes.
Now allow us to use coins on world bosses daily, so we have 7 coin shots and one regular shot at getting loot.

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