Oondasta and Nalak Loot Eligibility Change

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Cross Realm Zones ARE a huge win for players. Having played on a low-pop server for 2 years, I know how miserable it can be. CRZ has breathed new life into the game and made all of the "old world" zones so much more enjoyable.
04/26/2013 07:37 PMPosted by Rygarius

You're gonna CRZ Pandaria aren't you.

Cross-realm technology allows you to party with RealID or BattleTag friends and adventure with them in Pandaria. The same technology also allows you to form cross-realm raids for older raid content.

No it doesn't, if you have the misfortune of being split into US and Oceanic then no merge occurs like it did at release.

It was changed before 5.1 for NO GOOD REASON and I want it back so I can help my partner who only ever plays a healer do daily quests and achievements without having to pay for multiple server transfers.
Now just fix the loot table so Nalaak drops items you can use.

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