Am I doing something wrong?

Now I know simcraft should be taken with a grain of salt but is there a reason why a mate of mine on his warrior a raid member on his alt shaman, and MY rogue sim higher than me when I have about 10 item levels on all of them they have 463 weapons, reforged only to get to hit cap with no gemming or enchanting done. In a fight I'm pretty close to my sim so it feels like I'm playing correctly.

Now I know that my enchants aren't optimal as I don't see the point in enchanting with the good stuff on gear that I will replace next week. Is this something normal to see with Shadow Priests? I know we scale really well with haste which we get a lot of in 522 gear. Just wanted to know if anyone can shed some light as to why I'm not doing as much damage as other classes who have lesser gear.
remember that int > haste gemwise unless you can get to the haste cap without sacrificing too much int. int should still show up as your primary stat. basic rule of thumb is purple in blue slots (spirit/int), red in red slots (int), orange in yellow slots (int/haste).

also while the shadow rotation is not "hard" you need to make sure you are timing your dots properly. the correct talent choices for each fight and using them correctly must also be taken into consideration.

trinkets and enchants do make a difference.

please get rid of your blue.

I have found a useful resource. many other websites are not very helpful for gearing or rotations.

forgive me if I have repeated information you know.
The purpose of enchanting and gemming your gear is so that your performance will be just that tiniest bit better. Now if you are raiding with a guild and not on the progression content team then yeah, it probably doesn't make much of a difference. Once you step into progression - whatever that means for your guild you are going to be holding everyone back because you can't be bothered to drop a little gold on some enchanting mats. It's very unlikely that there isn't an enchanter in your guild who doesn't have the recipes you want by now so even if it means you have to trade a few flasks or potions because you can't afford the materials on the AH right now you should do get it done. For crying out loud, Alchemy and Herbalism are a couple of the easiest professions to level and can be some of the most lucrative.
I would suggest getting reforelite that should get you very close to your hit cap for more stats.

Also, shadowpriests scale very well with gear so you'll pass them. Also, pve dps is balanced around current content (t15) where shadow priests have enough gear to be pushing haste for max dps.

Like other have said gem and enchant are you'll see good returns on dps and int > haste till you're ilvl 510+ ish (don't know the exact number)
This is the tool that is used to get our stat weights (aka PP). Unlike in previous expansions you can't easily run yourself through Simcraft to get customized stat weights. This is because there are simply too many variables that come into play with analyzing stat priorities / weights / breakpoints. There's the 9 combinations of talents, different fight types and two kinds of secondary stat analyses that all need to be taken into account. With a dedicated machine (aka the Blowtorch) it takes around ~24 hours of simulations to produce the stat weights.

While Haste Breakpoints are of note and worth getting they do not practically change anything. Haste will always be your best secondary stat beyond any Breakpoint. You will be Gemming, Enchanting and Reforging the same regardless of your level of Haste.

Without Unerring Vision of Lei-Shen:

Hit to Cap > Haste > Crit > Mastery

With Unerring Vision of Lei-Shen:

Hit to Cap > Haste > Mastery > Crit

Reforge Lite:

How to use? Copy the settings from the screenshot below. For Hit use the drop down arrow next to it and make sure it says "Spell Hit Cap". That takes into account Hit Racials and should give you an accurate Hit cap. After that click Calculate, Show then Reforge. Done.


JCs should use Brilliant Serpent's Eye x2 in Red Sockets always.

Meta Socket:

Sinister Primal Diamond
Burning Primal Diamond

Below ~505 ilvl:

Red and Prismatic Sockets:

Brilliant Primordial Ruby

Blue Sockets:

Purified Imperial Amethyst

Yellow Sockets:

Reckless Vermilion Onyx

Above ~505 ilvl:

Red Sockets:

Reckless Vermilion Onyx

Blue Sockets:

Energized Wild Jade

Yellow and Prismatic Sockets:

Quick Sun's Radiance
I have some logs if anyone wants to have a look. I know my dot uptimes aren't optimal and I dont MB enough but I have been really working on that, messing with addons, tell me when so I get notifications when things are about to drop or when cooldowns come up.

At time of log I had about 500 ilvl:
From looking at your gear I noticed you needed to Enchant your bracers (+180 intellect), and get a Belt Buckle for your belt (and add a brilliant prim ruby or reckless gem). Otherwise your overall stats look decent, and on par for what they should be.

After I took a look at your log, I noticed you let your Vampiric Touch and Shadow Word: Pain fall off, a lot. More so with the VT than Pain, but these DoTs are major damage producers for us. Make sure you keep them up as much as possible, in the 95-100% range.

Here are a couple tips:

1. Make sure you clip your Mind Flays after the second tick, this results in 4 ticks in the time you would normally do 3.
2. Refresh DoTs as close to when they expire as possible & refresh when you get major buffs (Bloodlust, major trinket procs, etc).
3. Don't forget to swap talents/glyphs based on the fight.
Yeah I know how bad I am with the dot uptimes. Alot of the time, I never see them drop and I'm refreshing them when I should be. Don't quite understand how they drop off so much and I not notice them. As for the enchants, 180 int bracers are 2.5k on my server and sha crystals are 600g a piece. Horde isn't well populated on my server and as a result of that we dont have alot on the auction house to bring the prices down. I'm going to wait until I get a 522 or 502 belt before I buckle it cos I'll replace it pretty quickly. Though the bracer is getting chanted soon.

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