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You look like a death knight but with a shield, Which is cool! 9/10
You look like a death knight but with a shield, Which is cool! 9/10

9.75/10 Only thing are shoulders seem a bit underwhelming for my taste. Other than that though, love it, everything matches, even the sword and shield.
I love that mog on panda female! 9/10!

Still gearing up but I try and keep my transmog set aesthetically pleasing.

PS: how do I change my pose in the armory?
I was going to comment finish might for a classic look but I can't see through pose! (which you're working on)
8/10 Your helm looks out of place in the rest of the armors green scheme.
8/10 everything seems to match well and looks pretty good
8/10 Love the warbringer set, looks bad !@# on an undead warrior. Real cool xmog.
9/10, always loved the banana stuff.

(And I really like the way T15 looks on a male Troll. )
8/10, that helm somehow works on you.
9/10, because hey we almost match!
9/10, the hateful set is nice. You could get matching boots from Wintergrasp quartermaster.
Finally, i'm a tyrant.

You're a tyrant indeed.
I just can't get with belf's, but props for finding the plate-kini set. =)
What's also hot is the "enchanted thorium" chest & pants - but to find those, you need to find a blacksmith who was a blacksmith before cataclysm and had the thorium brotherhood rep high enough to buy the plans.

In my case - turns out T6 matches pretty will with heroic T15; who knew.
Should get the T6 boots tonight in Sunwell unless luck hates me, though the colors on these ICC-set boots look nearly as good.

And @Moncho - that stuff looks amazing with the horde tabard. I used the H T14 shoulder/glove/boot for a long time as well. 'dat red & gold. And the hair color is prefect too.
9/10 - T6 actually looks really good with that pally helm, and I want your axe really bad!!
Heh. Our DK tank had to leave to get ready for work just before twins on Thursday, so I had to tank for them and Lei Shen. His absence absolved me of any guilt for wanting to take the axe when it dropped. I prolly would have passed it to him, honestly, since he's still using a 496 Shin'ka... so /win.
@Roflcawkter (orc in blue/gold recolor paladin set, heh)

Every time I see that paladin helm model, it reminds me of this YTMND from waaaaaay back in mid-classic era. Note: before horde had paladins and alliance had shaman. ;)

"Hammer of GG, McDonald's hat..."


I think this was even before youtube was a thing.
THe halo fits well on Pandaren!
10/10 Creative set.
8/10 Good job pairing up the different items to form a cohesive whole. Swords go well with it too.

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