LFM <--- Social.

Now! i've recently leveled this charecter on this server, i came from Khaz'Goroth!

Since i have been here however... seems to lack the social side of things...

I do work so maybe im missing peek times or something but! People should add me gets very lonely sometimes! *sniff* <--- *Insert dramatic music*

Sooo this friendship will intail the following:
Completly random and pointless discussions about a vast amount of topics...
Heroic / bg / LFR / raid spams...
Random ganking...
Complete time wasters with achievement farming...
A guild if so desired...
and a small group of people that will assist if one is in trouble out there PvP wise...

Now i know people will post (if at all) making fun at the situation im making this post... none the less... they might just need that special friend too *tears up* I COULD BE THAT GUY *sniff*

Seriously though...
I've been here for years......I still hate everyone. All the best to you though!
Awww C'mon buddy! Im sure it isn't that bad! wanna cuddle with me? let it out?

*Opens arms*
Lo, I spy a player of the emoting nature, begone vile fiend, we do not approve of your kind around these parts.



we both know you're lying Mike, I know you have a soft spot for a few of us.
we both know you're lying Mike, I know you have a soft spot for a few of us.

A small very select few!
He likes me already, i can tell!
I'll be your friend. Nobody else on the forums wants to be my friend in-game.

Now that we're friends, can I tell you a secret? So, OK. I really like running with two sets of keys (one in each pocket) when I jog, because it makes it sound like my legs are robotic or wearing some sweet armour. Combined with the heavy rhythmic breathing I sound like I'm a super rad space marine. It is just super.
It's not often im left speechless... well played sir... well played.

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