Ele Shaman LF Raiding Guild

Looking For:
- 10/25-man raiding [GMT -8/9] I'm pretty flexible with the time.
- Just returned after raiding everything up through WoLK. Took a break near the end of Lich King to focus on kids and real life. Been back on for a little over a month and really feel the itch to get back into raiding. Real life isn't much of an issue.
- I live in South Korea which is the reason why I want to move servers. I raided on this server back during Burning Crusades when I was in Korea the last time and enjoyed my time here.

- I have been playing WoW since early 2004 and have experienced most of the end game content. I did get burnt out a little after raiding pretty regularly through vanilla, BC, and WoLK. I didn't play much of Cata at all and really just started back up about a month and a half ago.
- I'm able to raid every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. Occasional Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but not all the time really depends on what I have going on.
- I put my all into the raiding because I feel if I don't I'm not only wasting my time I'm wasting the time of others.
- Able to maintain attendance rate and also willing to be flexible. Raided vanilla and TBC as healer only and would like to avoid that for now. I'm still burnt out from healing.

What I Have to Offer:
- Consistently looking to better myself and my class. If I don't answer in chat its because I'm probably trying to find a tweak or two to increase my DPS. I record most encounters so that I can go back and critique the encounter and find what I did wrong to better increase my performance.
- a very reliable and mature raider
- I'm not perfect, but I listen well and learn fast
- Almost never look for a guild bank to find mats/potions/food for raid able to handle my own requirements to ensure I'm ready to give the group my best performance.
- Love playing the game, enjoy working with others, would love to find another 5 man group to do achievements and just basically enjoy the game when not raiding.

Raid Experience:


Only been back a month have done every boss on LFR. I know it's different in normal/heroic, but I have been studying the encounters on harder difficulties.


None did not play long.


ICC: 10/12 Normal 10/25
ToC: Normal Clear 10/25
Ulduar: Normal Clear 10/25
Naxx: Normal Clear 10/25

Again, very mature raider been doing it for a long time. I love the content but especially the experience of taking a group of people and being able to work together to achieve a common goal. I'm currently on a US server, but will move as soon as I'm accepted to a guild. I also have a 90 priest that I am willing to move if he is needed. Thanks for any feed back.

tag ID:djc1235#1828

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