Mage is garbage in pvp

Not even worth playing anymore... have fun.
HAHAHAHA... oh wait.. you're serious?
Mages aren't bad. We're just not faceroll anymore. Our only issue right now is lack of durability . I use durability not survivability because we can obviously blink and root for days and keep ourselves alive for a while. The problem lies in the fact that when we do get hit we go down fast. Granted every kind of melee has several counters to our mobility now, but give it a little time and I'm sure it'll come back around again. Our damage is still great and you just have to simply play better.
oh your one of those people who plays a class/spec just because it's OP/the best current patch. good thing you are quiting "so i assume by your qqing"
Meh I'm just starting to get into PVP again and it isn't that bad. I've played more boring classes in PVP. I don't think mage is all to blame, though. PVP (as far as BGs) has kind of hit a stale point in WoW's history.

Maybe more fun in arena.
I can tell you right now,

Mage PVP sucks balls! could be that I'm only lv 23 tho!
I'm having fun playing Mage :)
Mages were never meant to be beef houses. Get a pocket healer who is good and see how much you will improve. But 1v1 is it very hard to survive sometimes.
I enjoy my Mage a lot and I only PvP. Reason he is my main over my 4 others 90's.

Bit of advice, quit playing 2's or at least taking 2's seriously. Playing 2's and trying to be competitive will only end in frustration. That bracket is highly imbalanced.

To get the full effect of a fun Mage i recommend playing RBG's. They're a lot of fun.
My only issue with PVP is I keep getting stunned/sapped, and I'm too squishy to survive long enough to (ice) bubble or run.

I had a lv.74 Rogue grief 4 extra kills out of me yesterday just trying to pick up my stuff and run from the first time he killed me. Sapped, clobbered to under 50% HP. I throw a Frost Nova as soon as I'm out of it, and before I can get away, I'm sapped again, then dead. Him? I got him down once, but [Cheat Death] kicked in.

I don't mind being squishy, we can call down enough thunder to offset that. It's when you can't do *anything* to defend yourself that bugs me. (When I freeze people they can still cast or take swings if they're close enough.)

Is there any gear that would add some resist chances/reduce duration against things like Sap?
Not even worth playing anymore... have fun.

What do you consider fun?

First you have no PvP gear on but sure maybe you have it banked, but if you go in as is you'll obviously crumble.

What I like:
Mage has tons of utility.
Mage is a great support class in PVP, and very deadly if not noticed fast enough.
Mage damage is great and CC is very effective

What can use work
When you compare the ranged survivability we are at the bottom.

I think a little work with our shields would go a long way.

If you are looking to be the charging hero who wipes out 16 other players single handedly you are certainly not going to have fun.
I don't think that's the case at all.

We are meant to be at the low spectrum as far as survivability.

What we suffer from is this !@#$in obsession over shatter and lack of meaningful fillers (instants) outside of our shatter. I think they would benefit more by modifying fire and arcane to at least be relevant and competitive with frost. Some will say both are competitive right now

Arcane focuses on hard casts where the days of hardcasting in WoW PVP are long gone. Fire just seems to revolve around setting up shatters just like frost with less control and less survivability.

So why bother playing the other two. Arcane was great when casting was 'ok' and slow actually !@#$ed people over if cast on them. Not so much anymore.
The dev team should be embarrassed, frankly. We are essential a free kill to most melee and hunters, and have an uphill battle against other casters. Against rogues and hunters almost completely helpless. Adding self heals to non-healer classes and giving us nothing hurt bad. Fought a Windwalker monk the other day, could not get away to do any damage and what I managed to do, he healed up immediately. It's time for Poly not to heal anymore. We need some sort of passive self heals and some sort of deflection like hunters and SP have. Our current escapes are simply not enough anymore.
@Hakuren -

"We are meant to be at the low spectrum as far as survivability."

Why? They gave everyone our damage. Almost class in the game is capable of mage damage, and the ones that aren't are built to survive until they get the slow kill. Meanwhile we aren't capable of delivering our payload because we're cheesed up the whole fight, or our opponent is self-healing and using overpowered defense abilities to simply negate our burst.
You're doing it wrong? WW monks are quite easy to kite compared to the likes of a ret paladin (good luck with that). You already have an alternative to poly which does not heal and doesn't even share DR with it (frostjaw). Frost mages are beast at the moment.
Disagree, pretty much every class is anti-mage now... we are the anti-nothing.
no you just suck
Says the guy who has been carried through RBGs to get his gear.
no you just suck

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