Tank Audit if you please.

Mostly looking for priority gear upgrades (shoulder drops are notoriously elusive on all of my toons, confirmation bias perhaps but that is how it feels) but any deficiencies noted will be addressed.
I'm not really sure why you're gemming pure Stam and wielding dual Stam trinkets when you're basically sticking to LFR's. That's a perfectly viable strategy if you're on bleeding edge progression and need the extra EH and can afford to lose the overall damage reduction/smoothing from Haste stacking... but I really don't understand why people just blindly go with that all the time.

Stamina is always a useful stat but if you go through and regem for Haste, you'd have a huge pile of extra Holy Power to work with, more frequent Sacred Shield procs, and of course higher damage.

You're also shy of your Hit/Exp caps, so there's that. RNG is a fickle mistress, I'd recommend being over rather than under.

You're also missing your glove tinker (the important one!), the dodge cooldown is actually a lot more useful than it seems. I'm still planning on dropping Engy for LW... eventually... but Engineering really isn't that bad of a tanking profession this expansion. 2880 dodge on-demand isn't all that bad for a profession bonus, it's just not ideal compared to the Stamina that other professions grant.

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