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Modas il Toralar
"Order through Atrocity, Peace through Fear, Faith in Modas il Toralar."
[Heavy Role Play Guild on Cenarion Circle-Horde]

In Silvermoon, Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Shattrath, the Shrine, and other Horde cities and outposts all over Azeroth, parchment was handed out to citizens with no care who it went to. Kor'kron and Sunreavers, thieves and guards, elves, forsaken, tauren, orc, goblin. Anyone and everyone was a target.

"Do you seek power? Intelligence?
Do you want a place to join in which knowledge is all?
Are you a magister? A warlock? A warrior? A paladin?
All are accepted, we do not discriminate.
We want you.

The Modas il Toralar is recruiting like-minded individuals who see both sides of the coin.
Light and dark. Good and evil.
Hope and despair. Faith and fear.
Spies, assassins, protectors, guards, thieves, knights, join us.
Magisters, bloodmages, clerics, arcanists, warlocks, enchanters, join us.
Poets, authors, cooks, servants, soldiers join us.
Tailors, miners, armorsmiths, jewelers, join us.

Unsure if we are what you need and seek?
Contact Lady Armaya Shade for an audience to have your questions and concerns addressed."


Modas il Toralar is one of the oldest roleplaying guilds on the Cenarion Circle server. We are a Villian/Evil role-play guild that attracts the type of characters who enjoy spying, torturing, murdering, soul stealing, demon studying, and all other types of unethical activities. We are a mature roleplay guild that deals in PG-13+ subjects which includes torture and murder, thus we do ask all interested parties be at least 16 or over in age.

In game, our Sanctum is located in Karazhan and we are currently led by Dr. Vincent Wolfe. We also are run by a Council of Three: Kaerina Bloodhawk of the Undermarket, Filraen Nightstalker [Tentative] of the Ebon Reavers, and Eralos Feliwen of the Fel Hand.
Armaya Shade is the current Modas recruiter and second in command of the Fel Hand, though other members can be contacted if one is interested in joining.

We are not requiring people to fill out and apply via our website [listed above], but it will generally help the process along so someone knows you are interested so we highly recommend it.

If you have a character who you aren't sure if they will fit, just talk to one of us and we'd be happy to help you. Want to make a character fit into Modas, or perhaps need some Villians for your current RP? Contact one of us and we will be happy to help.

As for server events, the Modas il Toralar hosts the Black Hand Society every month. If you wish to be invited, please send a letter to Azurick, as he handles that event.
We do have plans to start another event, though unsure if that will be weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Thank you, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact one of the following: Armaya, Vincentwolfe, Kaerina, Filraen, or Eralos, or whisper one of the Modas members who are online.
Jonathan stares at the parchment from his hiding place, suppressing a snarl. Plucking one of the multitude of knives from his armor, he laces it with a fairly generic, yet potent poison and darts from his position to slash the parchment once before embedding the knife in the center - a fairly obvious objection to the notice's presence. "People wanna join up with them, consider that fair warning..." Jonathan proceeds made a quick exit, the surrounding area not being terribly hospitable to his own presence.

((OOC: Very awesome people with lots of fun RP for all your evil or psycho or otherwise not-nice person RP needs! Go! GO I say!))
The goblin sitting before her made frantic gestures and swore after every sentence, sometimes in the middle, trying to express his absolute concern about how this recruitment was stealing able bodied goblins from the crews in Booty Bay. The paper flew through the air as he explained time and again that more of his men were leaving the flyer as their two hour notice. Two hours! he raged. Not even their contractually obligated two months held the goblins bound.

Izby frowned as the goblin fumed and ranted without concern for her attention, feeling he had it anyway and she continued her food preparations for the bar. The Salty Sailor kitchen bustled at night and if there wasn't enough prep done, it would be hell in a few hours when the goblins and sailors and passerbys came in. Not to mention the inn's guests in the modified ship hull upstairs would probably want a meal before checking out. She sighed, nodding her head and smiling and frowning at the appropriate times while she worked. If she ever met a Modas in person, she might have them recruit the crew chief so she wouldn't have to listen to him anymore.

((Pledging my support for a fine horde contingency on our server.))
(( Still recruiting! ))

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