505 Experienced HPally LF Progression

Title says most of it. I'm moving this toon back home to Hyjal and I'm looking for a place to blast my heals and kill some bosses. I've been healing since wrath, I'm awesome at it and I want to stop smashing my face against Horridon with a shoddy group! Shoot me a message in or out of game.

Also, likely bringing friends that are just as pumped as I am to get off that sinking ship of a server. Kloe-Ravenholdt (Blood DK) and Daelric (Frost mage, or one of his other geared-to-the-teeth alts). We're all experienced raiders and we need progression!
Hi! Special Cupcakes is interested in you and/or your group. We transferred to this server about 2 weeks ago and this will be our first week with all of us on server/leveled up. We are going to be pushing progression as much as you can raiding two nights a week. Our Raid nights are tuesdays and thursdays 7-10 with run over if need be. Feel free to send a tell to Staylor, Mezzo, or myself for a mumble chat.
Damn, Tuesdays are a no-go for me D:

My availability: Thursday nights 8-pass out, Friday-Sunday anytime
That's to bad. Let us know if things change and i'll keep you in mind if for some reason our raid days switch up.

You (and your buddies) could be a great fit in Incursio. I'll send you in game mail, but feel free to add me to your friends list. Dyaus#1479

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