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Preface: I am really not into comics at all. I hate, hate, hate most comics because they almost always end up really dumb. I can't think of a single comic series this hasn't happened to, from Batman to AvP to The Walking Dead.

That said, who's your favorite hero or villain? Who's your least favorite?

My favorite hero is either Batman or Spawn. Both are pretty similar in general theme, and both suffered from the "comic becomes dumb" thing: Batman has a son for example, and Spawn kills God and Satan. Kinda silly. Both of them are pretty badass though, which is most obvious for Batman. Spawn's popularity waned super hard after the movie bombed at the box office but that doesn't matter to me. The ultra-violence in Spawn was kind of a big thing for its time, too. Spawn & Batman even teamed up once but I think that comic was extremely terrible or something, I dunno. Honorable mentions to Terry McGinnis, aka Batman from Batman Beyond.

As far as villains go, you really can't do better than the Joker. I have a feeling this is going to be repeated over and over in this thread. I don't think I even have to say why the Joker owns: it's just public knowledge at this point. Comically, both Batman and Spawn have highly similar villains too. Batman has the Joker, and Spawn has the Violator. The Violator is basically the Joker, but demonic instead. His relationship with Spawn is a lot more violent and twisted than the Joker & Batman: for example, the Joker may try to kill Batman, but he respects him. The Violator has no qualms about killing Spawn. The Joker sort of has a villainous code of ethics, whereas the Violator would literally burn the world given the chance.

Other cool villains are Mister Freeze (Batman, of course) and Carnage from Spiderman. Mr. Freeze was actually really, really, really stupid in the past (so was Batman, though, even if Adam West was aces) but Batman: The Animated Series completely reworked him. The episode Heart of Ice is one of the most critically acclaimed animated features of ALL TIME. Go watch it if you can. It's worth it.

Carnage is cool because he is chaos in its purest form. Venom, Spiderman's biggest and most well-known villain, is relatively sane and at times even helps Spiderman. Carnage is.. well, carnage. He's as vicious as they come.

Honorable mentions for villains: Man-Bat, Ra's al Ghul, Catwoman, Angela (Spawn), Red Skull (Captain America/The Avengers/etc), and Deadpool.

Heroes I HATE are the X-Men (ALL OF THEM), and Superman. Oh, and let me get this out of the way: no one likes Aquaman either.

The X-Men have never appealed to me. I don't like the X-Men themselves, I don't like their villains. None of them interest me and while the movies were entertaining, they were entertaining because they were decent films, not because they were X-Men films. The animated series was pretty cool when I was a tiny baby (and admittedly, it has a cool intro theme), but the whole X-Men universe has always struck me as kind of dumb and hamfisted. That goes for the Marvel universe in general at times, where there are characters like Galactus or Dark Phoenix who are basically gods yet still somehow get beaten by a Canadian alcoholic in spandex.

I hate Superman. I really, really hate Superman. He is my most despised character in all of pop culture. "Grey area" heroes and moral choices get sort of campy and boring at times, but Superman is the opposite: with the exception of a few certain offshoots/crossovers/side-comics, Superman is so good it hurts. It's laughable. You know how cheesy the original Batman was, with his 50's-style code of ethics and such? Superman is like that, but has never been updated morally speaking for the modern day. He is also invincible. He basically can't die unless exposed to kryptonite. Supposedly kryptonite is super rare, yet every villain has access to it (even the Joker when Superman gets involved with Batman stuff). His powers are so boring in their, well, overpoweredness that they literally had to invent kryptonite just to give him a weakness, and even then he's still ridiculous. He can't be harmed by conventional means, he can survive in space, he can survive deep-sea pressure, he has laser eyes, he's the strongest thing ever to exist, etc. Some of the comics even state that he's faster than the Flash, a character whose ENTIRE POWER IS TO BE FAST. Superman is like something you'd come up with when you were five years old and arguing about playtime with your brother:

"I shot you!"

"Nuh uh."

"Yeah I did!"

"Well okay but I'm immune to bullets."

"Wait, wh--"


Batman and the Joker have a back-and-forth relationship when it comes to who's cooler. They work off each other, and one couldn't exist without the other. When it comes to Superman, every one of his villains is more interesting than he is.

Anyways, your turn, little piglets.
The Punisher. Keep your bright capes and spandex, this guy holds his own just fine. Due process is overrated anyhow.
The Punisher is also really cool because he just does his job. I mentioned how sometimes the "moral grey area" stuff in comics gets really lame, but I don't think the Punisher has that problem.
Other than the Watchmen, it's really the only kind of comic media I've ever enjoyed. This guy loses his family and then in a sense loses himself. I can relate to that more than I can most of the other superheroes. I am looking forward to the new Superman movie though, against my better judgement.
The Punisher. Keep your bright capes and spandex, this guy holds his own just fine. Due process is overrated anyhow.

hi im voting for samurai jack so that viezra doesn't tase me thanks in advance
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The Punisher. Keep your bright capes and spandex, this guy holds his own just fine. Due process is overrated anyhow.


Plz don't remind.
Superman isn't as bad nowadays. He's still relatively king !@#$, but he loses plenty of times. Hell, in the Injustice comic Joker tricks him into murdering Lois and blowing up Metropolis. I'd consider that a victory over Superman. Doomsday also ends him. Lex beats him a bunch of times with kryptonite, but overall I'd say Lex loses. Superman generally if not always loses to Brainiac without help. Anyone that uses magic more or less laughs at him and %^-*s in his milk. And Flash is...usually...faster than him. Nowadays Flash can "control" speed so I guess he could just make Superman unable to move?

I don't know who my favourite hero/villain is/are. Within DC/Marvel at the moment villain is Black Adam (probably all time favourite of the last few years, the DC online trailer really won me over) and hero is Superior Spiderman. Which is the Spiderman who has Doctor Octopus living in his head. So there.
I am an unabashed Deadpool fangirl.
I agree with everything in the OP. Also I didn't really like the Heath Ledger Joker, not gonna say it wasn't really well acted or anything but it just seemed they made it 'dark' for its own sake.
I am an unabashed Deadpool fangirl.


I love Deadpool. Wanted to cry after what they did to him in the XMen: Origins movie. LAZERBEAM EYES PEWPEW

I am also a lover of Poison Ivy.

She even watches over my apartment. :)
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No one likes Aquaman?


Yeah, I'm probably a bad person and all, but I like my superheroes big and bombastic.
Captain Marvel (oops, I mean Shazam) and Aquaman from Brave and the Bold (but not all Aquamans, since sometimes he gets all broody) are pretty much the best things ever.

If Hellboy even counts, he's my alltime favorite forever, though.
i also like deadpool
Viezra is my hero <3
If you like Deadpool:
Aquaman is pretty kickass. Really all of my favourite characters are Vertigo. Spider Jerusalem, Lucifer and John Constantine. Woo. And no, new Hellblazer doesn't count.
I, uh... never read a comic before unless you count the ones in the newspaper I read as a child. What little I know about comic characters comes from movies.

So... Iron Man and Mystique I guess? But then I like Poison Ivy and Joker too.
Dare Devil got ridiculous the second Ben Affleck played him.
Spider Man was always my favorite superhero. I loved how human he was in behavior, and the fact that he was a jokester, always cracking wise while flipping around (or even while getting his !@# beat.) I grew up with the 90's cartoons of Spider Man and the X-Men (which were based on the comics from the 80's.)

Other than that, I love Batman. More of the "Animated Series" style of Batman though. I like the new trilogy, but there's something about it that felt off.
Punisher is acceptable only when written by Garth Ennis in the MAX imprint or when chasing Archie. All other versions are mediocre.

Superman is quite all right. Morrison's All-Star line was excellent, and I'm perfectly okay with the invincible and the morally ambiguous. Never do get why people get so upset about that in comics, of all things. Spiderman is also all right, although I'm not fond of how the Superior line has started.

I would very much liked to have seen more of the most recent Blue Beetle, but comics fans being what they are, 'twas not to be.

I am generally not fond of any heroes when they are being written by Mark Millar.

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