(A) Infinite Loop is recruiting

Hello, Infinite Loop is a lvl 25 guild with a Tues/Thurs raid team that has been raiding since Cata launch. The team was veteran members with fun attitudes and progression in mind. We were plagued by a number of roster issues in early MoP but are now looking to fill our last open roster spot and start progressing.

Raid times are Tues/Thurs 6ST to 10:30 ST
Current Progression is 2/12 in ToT

Tues/Thurs Team Needs:
Team is Full (Looking for Bench players to rotate fill-ins)

As always, we are also looking for all kinds of players to fill in for our raid teams from time to time and grow our guild roster. Players should be laid back and fun loving.

We also have an active Wed/Fri team. Info coming soon**

If you are interested pls Reply here or message me ingame. Thanks


Edit: updated Tues/Thurs team needs and Progression
Still looking for peeps. Could also use a lock or ele shammy.
508 protection paladin/ 496 ret paladin / 496 holy paladin, if you guys are still looking, only have 4/12 XP though in ToT
Hi Sacred, ping one of our officer in-game: Keeky, Xyathyr, or Anständig.
Tues/Thurs Team now has a full roster. We're are still looking for all types of players to grow our Guild. Especially looking for casual raiders for fill-ins for our active raid teams.
i'm down

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