The Derbfine Clan recruiting!

Wyrmrest Accord
Our raid team is in need of a Protector Token Tank or Healer! We hate seeing Protector tokens and mail gear going to waste people, so hit us up if you got a resto/elemental shaman, resto monk, prot warrior, and tank monk. We are currently (6/12 Tot) which we raid tues-thurs 6-9pm server time, and we do 5.0 farm on monday at the same time (we do pug for this occasionally) We are a semi serious raid group but we expect you to come to raid with proper gear forges, gemz, spec, and knowledge of the fights you will face. We provide food buffs, potions, and flasks; in addition we assist with enchants and gems for gear obtained in guild, also assist with craftables after you have been in guild some time. Hit myself, Royale, Setter, Aholycow or Saleais up for more information!
I miss Jodinson.
Hell I miss Arturias he was the best Raid leader I have ever been led by.
bump! still looking!
Party timez~! \m/

Still needing someone on the protector token to join us in our endeavors to kill that pesky Lei Shen. Preferably someone who is geared for Throne of Thunder, but we don't mind helping dedicated and talented raiders do some catching up on gear.

P.S.: A monk would be awesome.
Still looking!
Jaxthrax, heads up. Computer problems on the only computer I have set up with WoW. Hard drive appears to be damaged (it is about 7 years old so not a big surprise that it eventually went out).

I may be unable to get online for a while, depending on things. This was the first concact means I could find outside of the game, so I made a post here.
Roger noted. Still looking for prot tokenz.
Basic update on the situation:

Computer seems to have had a "head crash" hard drive failure. Other components were also acting up, but they could be worked around until now. End result, getting a new computer. Some parts will arrive in the next few days until maybe a week from now.

Basic outlook: If things go nice and fast, and I encounter no hitches, I may be back in time for Monday May 5's stuff. Otherwise, I would expect to be up and running sometime that week or by the week after unless something bad happens.

On a side note, it is humorous to compare WoW's minimum requirements to this laptop, which I don't even know the age of, but I am pretty sure it wasn't "gaming" quality even when it was new.
Still looking for talented prot token users for our Core team spots!
Still looking!
Still looking!

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