ret pally or shuld i go with mm hunter

well before mop came out i played wow since end of bc and well wen cata came out a quit half a year later from wen cata came out. during that time i had a 85 pally...85 hunter and a 83 rogue, i dont care for rogues to much as i do like them but i tend to be not as gd as im usaly told as i am with mm or ret, im just wondering if i shuld finish gearing my ret up and do serious arenas which i have not rly done, or lvl my mm as wen i returned to wow forgot username and pw and decided to start over.

the dilema here is the fact i always liked ret pallies and hunters, i know there both getting buffs so far 5.3, bm getting nerfed with losing intimidation baseline, i wuld play both but i want to stick with one toon and learn him to the point i know exactly wen to chain ccs, stuns, and silences on healers mages locks and other classes...especialy healers, i know pallies have 1 cc 2 if u talent it and mm has the blind shot, ice trap, push back for wen casting heals culd come in handy, and many more including pet stuns, so its between the pally and hunter.
I'm not the worlds best paladin by any means but if you're looking to "chain ccs, stuns, and silences on healers" I don't think paladin would be my first choice...
It's not a hard call, cowered hunter, or paladin. Paladin even if you are heals you get to see the whites of the eyes of him who you fight, with hunter you soil your pants behind a bush, while the pet does the work. A hunter's pet is pure dps, while paladin is utility you have options.
well this is my paladin, im not the best pally but i do know how to time by aoe cc, my FoJ and rebuke, so i have 3 ways to foil a healers plan of healing, with my hunter i have 3 ways of now, i enjoy both, my paladin has always been a fav, the hunter on the other hand i wuld not be bm, mm is my fav spec as ur less bow dependant, my arena is not high as im gearing up for 3s and have my team rdy,

wat i guess im rly asking which class is more cometent for 3s...

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