looking for a kill and some achievements

As you can see I am a achievement junkie and I am seeking an achievement.

Ahead of the Curve: Lei Shen
Defeat Lei Shen in Throne of Thunder on Normal difficulty, prior to the release of patch 5.4.

I am not interested in loot I am just looking for a spot in a guild / organized groups Kill for this boss

I am willing to pay 5 K gold for the kill.
also looking for a group for the rest of my Glory of the Pandaria Hero

Hopocalypse Now!
Burning Man
Attention to Detail
Run With the Wind

Seeds of Doubt
Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'
What Does This Button Do?
Hate Leads to Suffering
And Stay Dead!
Rattle No More
School's Out Forever

I would like to get these also since they are on a seperate character and do not count towards my total but do count towards the over all achievement
quarrelsome quilen quintet
How did he get up there
Mosh pit

will pay 2500 for someone to help with
< Know Your Role >
Complete each of the Shado-Pan Blackguard daily quests without taking any damage from monsters.
The Deadtalker Cipher
Is Still My Enemy!
Cheng Bo!

well damn! I thought i had a lot of Ach points! I'd be happy to run the Pandaria Dungeon Hero meta with you, as that's something I'm looking to do one of these days too. Coppercrow#1871.

As for the Lei Shin ach, aren't you in like the most highly ranked Horde guild on the server? Couldn't you just give a little nudge nudge to your raid leader to let you suit up for the Lei Shin kill? I'd give my left !@#$%^-* to actually have that option, but meh.

Know your role is a real pain in the butt and bugged to hell. There's a loophole you can use to get it pretty easy if you dont mind spending a few days to get it. Look up the ach on Wowhead for more info. Also check out Openraid someday. They run achievement groups all the time, including the panda meta, and I've met a lot of cool folks from there. :)

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