Aspire 25 LFM Heroic SoO progression!

<Aspire> is an adult 25 man raiding guild located on Stormreaver. We have been raiding together for over 6 years and most members are over 21 years old. We pride ourselves with our achievements and teamwork. We are currently looking for more competitive, progression focus people to continue moving forward in 5.1 as well as 5.2.

Our Raid Schedule:
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 8:00 pm - Midnight CST (first pull at 8:30 pm)

Our Current Progression:

12/12 normal ToT
11/12 heroic ToT

14/14 normal SoO
4/14 heroic SoO

looking for heals and amazing dps.

Applying to us means agreeing and adhering to our policies and having a deep and meaningful understanding of the following concepts:

- Reliability: We expect our raiders to be online for raid; however, we understand that real life happens. If you are unable to make a raid on time, we expect you to let us know by posting on the forums.
- Competence: Know your class inside out, have good situational awareness, willing to learn through guides/videos, and does not make the same mistake twice.
- Patience: Doesn't mind wiping on bosses during progression.
- Attitude: Able to receive criticism and improve game play promptly.
- Respect: Respect all guildies, and respect the server community.

To apply, please fill out an application at:

Thank you for taking the time to read over this recruitment post and for your consideration of Aspire as the place where you want to further your Internet dragon killing career. If you have any other questions please contact toodleloo by battle tag (toodleloo#1699) or log in and speak with our gm Rockmonster.
Looking for more deeps!!!!!
Hi Toodle. Come do Brawler's Guild again :P
hey hey hey!
Still in need of some healers!
Hey I just met you, and this is crazy but I need some healers so call me maybe!
Oh yea TOT progression!!!!

Srsly 14/14 SoO tonight so HIT US UP HEALZ
bump bump
Guild Friendship Bump?
Hope smells

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