Holy Cooldowns

Anyone else feel like our cooldowns are kind of lacking? I mean, they aren't bad, they just seem bland.
I was complaining thinking we got nerfed. We didnt I was a nub and forgot to undo some changes I did when I helped a friend with a low level raid. But if they dont mess with nothing I am ok with our cooldowns
The times are way too long.
Devotion Aura looks like it is going to be castable in silence, as per MMO Champ patch notes.

The good side is that I can use it to save myself coming out of a Deep Freeze, and the frost mage hits me with a blanked CS silence that I don't think he even has to suffer GCD for.

The bad side is that CS and Deep Freeze are both back up in 30 seconds, where Devotion Aura is 3 min

Look at druids version. They get Ironbark 20% reduction to ALL damage and with PvP 4pc it has just a 30 second CD. It lasts for 12 seconds and they can pop it every 30, that's a 40% up time to 20% damage reduction to all damage.

Ours is 20% just to magic, and usable once every 3min.

Our CDs are nice, but they all have a really long CD time.
They are more than fine in PVE, but I cant comment on PVP. Popping all your CDs turns you in to a healer god at the moment.
Ive found that my cds are always there when i need them. Divine Favor in high siutations (makes holy radiance crit and cast faster) and then Avenging Wrath/or Guardian when the tank is getting smashed. Aura mastery (devo aura now) saves the raid a lot. It would be nice to have an actual healing cd though (tranq, spirit link, shield) devo aura seems lack luster i will agree

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