Eternal Defiance <H> Late Night 10m LF 1 RDPS

Hello, I am Hipp, raid leader of Eternal Defiance. This is what we are currently looking for.

Current Recruitment Needs:
1 DPS - Ranged preferred (Warlock, Spriest, Ele Sham), but all strong applicants will be reviewed.

What we offer:
Casual Feeling - 2 Late nights per week from 11-3 server.

Competent Raiders - Many of us rank consistantly on WoL, and dont stand in fire.

High Expectations without the rage - we expect to work on heroic content soon, but our lives and friendships dont hinge on that fact. Our raid style is rather laid back, because we expect our raiders to be able to fix their own mistakes with minimal "YOU SUCK -50 DKP" mentality... well except for Nivv... he sucks.

What we expect:
Absolutly 0 Drama

You know your class and offspecs

Quick learner and self motivator

If this sounds like a place you would like to come and play feel free to contact Nivv @ (Nivv#1879), or Hippocratic @ (Silver#1244)
still looking, we are now 10/12
Free bump for hipp!
the bumping, it's unncecessary

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