Remote AH stamina problem?

Mobile Bug Report
I dropped about 1K on five items with great stamina. (10s of thousands of stamina) Two of them i have listed in the following thread. They had anazing stats so I bought them and went to log onto the game and they only showed like 100 stamina. Are my levels too low or what? Please help because I would not have bought them for that stamina Because I have pieces just as good as they are. Can I have a refund or something? Going down 1k is not that fun. The items were as follows: It was a cloak: Peerless cloak of Stamina (68 armor 11067 stamina)
and some vambraces: Gothic Plate Vambraces of Stamina. (189 armor 61056 stamina) I have screenshots on my phone of their "stats" and I can sell them on the AH off my app and they have the crazy stats there but just not in game.
This is an issue with the way that randomly generated stats display. We're working on a solution but our engineers are having some difficulty with the fix.

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