522 DK Tank - LF a Raid Team / Spot

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We're a new group that formed recently, interested in getting a 2nd tank. 4/12 right now but should be 6/12 by next week. Tues/Thurs 8:30-11 server time for raids. Beacons#1440 in-game if you're interested. :)

Edit: Should add that we're 10m, I suppose.
Mountain Top: US Mal’Ganis PVP Horde

Things you should know about us:

* We raid Wednesday & Monday currently.

* Our raids run from 9pm-12pm CST.

* We have been around for a while, transferred over from US Sargeras Alliance and are a very stable guild. Players are recruited to raid, not to sit on the bench.

* We use a Loot Council system, and Need before Greed Roll for loot distribution. Loot council will only come into play if we are looking to gear a specific person for a specific fight. Our recruitment is always open to exceptional applicants of all classes, but right now we are seeking the following classes:

*Death Knight - [Blood]

*Paladin - [Prot]

*Warrior - [Prot]

*Druid – [Restoration]

*Priest – [Shadow]

*Warlock - [All Specs]

*Hunter – [All Specs]

*Rogue - Taking applications

*Shaman - [Elemental and Restoration]

*Mage - [All Specs]

*Monk – [Mistweaver]

All together we need:
1 Healer with OS and 2 Ranged DPS. Mountain Top is a longstanding guild located on the PvP server Mal’Ganis(CST), players looking to push as much content within the boundaries of real life. We're currently looking for more players who love both PvE and PvP content and who will push to be the best.

Here are a few things that we look for in potential recruits:

* Worldoflogs reports preferred but other logs accepted.

* Able to take & give criticism as well as deal with our mumble environment.

* Attend raids 2 nights per week (Wednesday and Monday, 9pm – 12am CST).

* Ability and willingness to play multiple specs and possibly multiple classes in case the raid needs you to play a different role.

* Social players with a good sense of humor that will be able to communicate through mumble.

* Players with excellent situational awareness.

* Players interested in pushing through multiple tiers of content with us. We are looking to recruit for the long haul.

* Intelligent players that are interested in playing the game to its fullest potential. Cross-server applications and group applications are welcome. Anybody interested in joining our guild can request a Mumble Interview or contact one of our officers’ in-game (Coffinz, Jallesa, Linneaus).

Add us on RealID: Gibsondeployed@yahoo.com or Mylindara#1668

Visit our Website: http://mountaintop-malganis.enjin.com/
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We still need 1 tank for core group. Raid tuesday, wednesday, thursday. 7-10 server. I wil send you a mail tonight with some info
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