<Seriously Casual> Guild Sales

Seriously Casual is now opening up the door to you for your Tier 14 raid needs.

Wanting a shot at that title that your guild just can't seem to get back to because of their focus on ToT? Wanting to see the end of the game in a more laid back environment where you can just have fun and still succeed? Then this could be an opportunity just for you!

Ok I'll stop with the cheesy stuff :)

Basically, if you'd like to get one of the titles or a gear run from T14 just speak to myself or an officer in SC and we can arrange a day and time.

Delver of the Vaults - 200k g (including loot from boss)
Fearless - 200k g (including loot from boss)

Full Clear MSV, HoF, or ToES Heroic 10 (includes your selection of loot from entire instance)
300k g (per instance)

If you are looking for any achievements from T14, we can discuss pricing. At this time those are the only items for sale.

Additionally, the Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent, and other guild vendor items can be yours for a small fee:

Guild Invite to Seriously Casual - 25k

Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent (sold by guild vendor)
Reward from Guild Glory of the Pandaria Raider

-Should you wish to purchase this mount from the guild vendor through SC, we will invite you to guild for no more than 2 weeks to finish your grind to exalted and your purchase of the mount.
-25k will be paid to myself or another SC officer up front before you're invited to the guild, and then your 2 week grace period will begin.
-At the end of your 2 week period you will be removed from guild.

Thanks for your interest and have a great one!

Banker for SC
Feel free to send me an ingame mail if I don't respond to a tell.
Just let me know if you have any questions.
Spots are still available.
i would like to buy 1 seriously casual guild
LOL, boy that would be a steal wouldn't it?
Boy! Reckoning from Mannaroth is selling HoF/ToEs/MSv Heroic(any piece of loot) for 200k. You my friend. Are overpriced.
Good thing I don't have to compete with them!
We will try to work with your time schedule.
New week, and a new opportunity for you.
Is this a joke? The price that is, because people are pugging 10m Fearless on OR.
Of course there are people earning their titles through raiding the instances. Some people go with their guild and put in a lot of time learning the fights. Some people know the fight but can't find 9 others who do as well. You have to deal with connection issues and scheduling problems. I'm sure Open Raid helps with that.

However, if you're interested in buying the title with a competent group to take you through then let me know :)
Still available spots for this week's raid.
New sales information added. There's more available now!
IS SC even still alive? not even #1 on the server anymore such a disappointment

I miss killing you guys on Sargeras though :/
IS SC even still alive? not even #1 on the server anymore such a disappointment

I miss killing you guys on Sargeras though :/

No we are dead, and our ghosts are offering full clears of past tiers in honor of our own death.

As far as number one goes, it's pretty tough to be number one when you're dead. And yes death was a disappointment. It's not all the joy it's cracked up to be.

Thanks for checking up on us though.
Next weekend we have spots available. Contact myself or an officer for more information.

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