[A] 506 Shadow Priest LF ToT Raid spot

Hello, I'm a recent (end of T14) server transfer looking for a spot in a ToT raid group. I've been raiding since BC, but have been lagging behind this tier due to not having a normal group to run with.

My current OS is Holy, but I don't mind changing to Disc (I have exp with both) ilvl is 499 on that spec.

I am available to raid any day (weekdays after 6pm due to work). I am great at punctuality and communicating when RL gets in the way. Currently an Officer in my current guild, but they are not raiding which is why I'm looking!

PST or mail me in game if you are interested.

Thanks for your time,
Hi Feorfax, check out our recruiting post on this forum

We could use a dps for Horridon progression this Thursday (6pm ST) if you want to pug in and see if we're a fit. PST one of the officers mentioned in the recruiting post if interested.

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