Engineer stuff not in 5.3-Anything New?

With all the delays in the engineering stuff coming out, do you think there will be additional cool new stuff? Or will it be just what's already been announced?

Seriously, that's all I can tell ya. It was removed because of some bugs in the 5.2 PTR. No telling when or if they'll be back.
Engineers are gonna get spit on in 5.3
Hey, dont we get that walking movie advertisement in 5.3? Or will that not be ready either?

that about sums that up.
Not only will we get nothing in 5.3 they also said it will most likely not even be in the patch after that.

Is there any chance of Engineers seeing the new crafted items in 5.4?
That is the plan, though I will be honest that we're not sure we can make the Skyclaw work. We are currently working on a different Engineering mount. Stay tuned.

From mmo-champion.
As an engineer, I would love for us to actually get love for once. Instead of everyone other skill getting cool stuff.

We get weapons, which are usually outdated by the first heroic or raid.
So there is no schematic for the lightning charged stuff? Haha and I was killing Itoka before and after quests and was scratching my head as to why it wasnt dropping.
Here is idea for an engineering recipe (this may not go through but just recently popped in my head). You know how we have a portable mail box? Why not(and i will never expect this to come to light) have a portable Auction house? Able to be used by anyone not having an engineering skill and can an last however long its capable of maybe 15 mins? Cool down like an hour?. Anyways, that's my idea.

Again, i dont expect this to come to light, but i just thought of it. :) Would be cool though.

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