[A] Mattachine Knights Recruiting for 25 Man

Mattachine Knights is a guild on Proudmoore that consists of a group of friends who met in The Burning Crusade, probably the oldest 25-man guild in Proudmoore. Many of our members are from the LGBT community. Our goal is to experience the end-game content while maintaining the close ties of friendship and a strong commitment to each other. Although we aren't a hardcore guild we have progressed quite well with just 6 hours of raiding per week in past expansion. We are looking for raiders who are down to earth, mature, responsible and those who share our raiding philosophy.

That goal is seeing game content while maintaining the close ties of friendship and strong commitment of our team. All we ask is your attentiveness and your dedication toward pushing our team hard while having fun. We strive not to be the biggest, nor the team that has most raid hours a week. We strive to fulfill our desire, as a team, of seeing new content. To progress and share both the good and bad of our attempts. To allow ourselves individually to grow and mature. To be able to admit to the bad, and to share in the pride of the good we have done.

FYI, this is a small guild running with tight roster. We have no intention of creating a big raiding guild and have people rotating in/out of boss fights.

Currently Recruiting:
1 Mistweaver Monk / Holy Priest
1 DPS (DK/Feral druid/Hunter)

Exceptional players of all classes are encouraged to apply. For further information, how to apply and in-depth guild policies, please visit us at www.mattachineknights.org

Recruitment Statement:
Mattachine Knights [A] US-Proudmoore is currently recruiting experienced raid members to balance out our 25-man roster for Siege of Orgrimmar. We plan to push into heroic modes as we have in past expansions on a limited raid schedule.

Current 25 Man Tier Progression: Siege of Orgrimmar 10/14 on 25-man,
Raiding Schedule: Wed/Thurs from 6:30pm to 9:30pm server (PST)

Mattachine Knights Raid Applicant Requirements:

All raid applicants are expected to possess the following:
- 18 or older
- A good understanding of your class/spec and an ability to perform on a level equivalent to our current raiders.
- The availability to commit to our 2 nights raiding schedule (Wednesday- Thursday)
- Reliable and stable internet connection.
- Proper gems and enchants.
- Working mic that is compatible with Ventrilo/Mumble.
- Up to date raiding mods (DXE/DBM, Omen, Skada, etc)
Currently Recruiting:
1 Plate Tank
1 Healer
Currently 11/12N, looking for 1 plate tank, 1 healer and 1 dps other than Shaman.

Plate tank x1
Healer x1
DPS x1 (non-shaman)
Hi there! Are you guys still looking to fill these spots? My hubby and I just left Shadow Council and came to Proudmoore and we're looking for a good group of folks to raid with. We're both experienced raiders (at least by Shadow Council standards). Our guild was 13th in progression on 10 man on Alliance, which isn't really saying much as we'd only cleared Jin'rokh. However, we're both bright and capable, and your raid times are perfect for us. My hubby has two tanks, a 512 bear tank and a warrior at 504, as well as a 500 mage. I've got this warlock at 506, who would be higher but our guild had asked me to work on a healer, so I have a resto shaman who's at around 490. I much prefer my warlock though, and I'd love to fill your DPS spot.

I'm Merddyn and Xueyu, he's Breldon/Ardeno/Shintaruk. If you think we might be a good fit, please let me know and we'll stop by your website and fill out an application.

As a side note, did you guys have an extension in Champions Online? Your guild name looks really familiar. Thanks for allowing me to take up your time!
Reposting just so that you can Armory me now that it's finished updating.
If they dont work out, please check us out :D
Hello Merddyn, please contact me in-game. Thanks.

Also, we are now only looking for 1 tank and 1 dps.

Currently only looking for:

Plate tank x 1
Hunter x 1
Currently 12/12N on 25-man. Looking for 2 dedicated raiders.

- Plate tank
- Hunter
I applied a few weeks ago on my hunter he is 521ilvl and 11/12normal now and my main is 4/13heroic if you want my hunter or want to talk to add my battle tag its chrisanthos#1105
We are currently looking for:

1 plate tank
1 Hunter/DK(DPS)/Warrior(DPS)
We are currently looking for the following for 5.4 SoO:

- 1x plate tank
- 1x DPS DK
- 1x DPS warrior
- 1x Hunter
- 1x Moonkin
We are looking for the following for 5.4:

1 Holy Priest
1 DPS (DK or Feral druid or Warrior)
Currently Recruiting for 5.4.

1 Mistweaver Monk
1 Holy Priest
1 DPS (DK/Feral druid/Hunter)
Currently Recruiting for 5.4:

1 Mistweaver Monk

1 DPS (DK or Hunter)

What sort of item level range are you looking for?
Currently Recruiting for Siege of Orgrimmar (4/14 N, with only 6h raid schedule)

1 Mistweaver Monk / Holy Priest

1 DPS (DK or Hunter)
With only 2 days raid schedule (2x 3h), currently Siege of Orgrimmar (6/14 N on 25-man).

Recruiting the following:

1 Mistweaver Monk / Holy Priest

1 DPS (DK or Hunter)
With only 2 days raid schedule (2x 3h), currently Siege of Orgrimmar (8/14 N on 25-man).

Recruiting the following:

1 Mistweaver Monk / Holy Priest

1 DPS (DK or Hunter)

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