Profession question

so deciding on professions for my goblin priest here...

Looked up a large sampling of priests and noticed some similarities...

most priests are tailor/chanter.

my question is why tailoring?

wouldn't Jc provide the same stat bonus (but with more profit)?
wouldn't Alch provide the same bonus (but with more economical flasks)?
wouldn't Bs provide more stat boosts?
wouldn't Eng provide more burst (even better as it is on-use as opposed to tailoring's procs)?

so what sells Tailoring to most Priests?

Magic carpet rides?

(please understand that I am neither trying to insult anyone or cause trouble. I simply am interested as to why Tailloring is so common. is it something that i have missed? Experienced priests, please weigh in and educate and illuminate me.)

Engineering & Blacksmithing >= Tailoring > Rest


Tailoring & Blacksmithing > JC > Rest

Tailoring and Enchanting are popular options because you're very self reliant for gearing, only having to purchase gems and consumables. Blacksmithing provides only the extra two sockets which offer greater gemming / stat gains in flexibility and secondary stats.
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I went with tailoring because I had other professions already on alts. I had mining up to about 3 weeks ago as a second profession but changed it out for enchanting so I didn't have to pay outrageous prices for enchants and the ability to DE epic loot that I didn't need. I had enough mats on my other enchanter to level up without too much of an investment.

The bags are a nice perk. I make bags for all my toons. I just got the royal satchel recipe and will be up grading bags as I can. When i get bored I will farm for ember silk mats and churn out bags for posting on the AH.

Of course I am more of a solo player and I have all professions across alts. Enchanting was the first crafting profession that I duplicated and that was out of necessity. My guild is just my toons so i use it as a giant repository of mats I collect to use when needed.

It would be nice to craft gear but right now mat are expensive (haunting spirits) and i don't have the recipes that use blood spirits, which are BM drops and I never see them on there.

as for perks I don't pay too much attention to them as I only raid LFR and pug everything. I get by fine. I do make sure my gear is enchanted and reforged correctly I also bring my own flask and food. I usually can make everything my self with out going to the AH. gems, flask, food, enchants, glyphs etc.

This toon is about maxed out and now it is just upgrading gear. I will be switching to an alt once I get a few more reputations to revered so i can get the commendations.

Also the northern cloth scavenging provided great cloth drops. Sometimes I come out of scenarios with 3 or 4 stacks of cloth. Usually i can run a scenario and a dungeon and make 8 bolts to craft my one imperial silk for that day. I only use cloth for imperial silk and have over 120 bolts in the bank that i will be converting to imperial silk over the next few weeks. The key is you have to trail behind the other players since the NCS doesn't kick in until they loot their corpses. One they do if you have cloth to pick up it will sparkle again. Once you get use to lagging behind a little you will be amazed of the amount of cloth you pick up.
Unless you have a bunch of crafting alts, tailoring is the best thing to match with enchanting. That's probably why tailoring\enchanting comes up so much. Cloth is every where, make stuff, disenchant it.
I'm not one to worry about maximizing stats with professions.
60 second cooldown, 15 second duration
Embroiders a subtle pattern of light into your cloak, giving you a chance to increase your Intellect by 2000 for 15 sec when casting a spell.

For Shadow, if you refresh your DoTs when you get this proc (or when it combines with other procs), you increase your DoT DPS more than a static 320 INT, because that INT will be there for the duration of the DoT.

For Healing, well, I don't really know of many healers that adjust their spell priority based on procs. but I'm sure they exist.
As Fey pointed out Lightweave, there is the option of Darkweave, which increases your spirit by 3000 for about 15 seconds. It's a very nice increase to momentary regen and helps overall with mana consumption and whatnot. ^^
I've been Tailor/Alchy for a loooong time and have no complaints. Back in TBC, our crafted gear was BiS so I took advantage of that (involved countless hours of grind-farming mats). Free bags has been great. Cheap cloak/pants enchants is nice too.

But I think it's time to drop Tailor and level enchanting (again) on this main - since I got alts at 90 who can take over the tailoring - also need to farm/hoard cloth to powerlevel. Yay, new project.
the tailoring cloak enchant was the best profession option pre 5.2 because basically all our dps came from stacking procs with our devouring plagues. now it no longer is a dps gain to delay devouring plague (due to insanity uptime) so it's been significantly devalued.

for shadow, tailoring can be very nice because you can change your pant enchant from crit to spirit for very cheap, potentially helping you to reforge closer to hitcap as needed.

blacksmithing has gone up a good bit in 5.2 because 2x320 haste gems (from the two sockets you get) is now stronger than the 320 int bonus you get from other professions.

engineering is still quite strong since it's an int click on a 1 minute timer (our DPs come in roughly 30 second intervals, so you can buff every other). the only downside is that if a future BiS raid trinket is a click trinket instead of a proc you won't be able to stack this theoretical trinket effect with the engineering glove clicky.
Tailoring & enchanting are only so common because those 2 complement each other better than other profs. All the tailored stuff to make for practice can be disenchanted, and when you're farming dungeons for more stuff to disenchant, you're also getting cloth.

All crafting professions are roughly equal, though BS is better for PVPers and engineering is slightly better for DPS.
I am a tailor/enchanter. It sort of goes together. You can make cloth gear for yourself which is usually quite good at the beginning of an xpac.

You can make the same gear and disenchant it for mats, being able to enchant every piece of gear for "free". It's nice to d/e your epics and get blood spirits or what have you, if you don't want to save it to xmog.

You also have the leg enchant and cloak embroidery.

You also get a ton of extra cloth, some of which makes bank in the AH. You can also sell bags which there is always a market for.

It may not be the "best" profession duo if you like to min/max. However, I enjoy the rewards and this being my main character, wouldn't have it any other way.

Other professions which I find fun are alchemy and jewel crafting which I have on my shammy. The rest are quite meh. I am not a fan of farming mats unless I am bored out of my mind.
Back in the day, tailoring was almost a no-brainer for any clothie (back when professions actually crafted top-end gear that was accessible early in a tier). With only two slots available and one tied up in tailoring you really had limited options for the second choice with enchanting being the best for reasons outlined above. Skinning was an ok choice back in the day as well because a number of tailoring patterns required leather and it was a decent moneymaker.

A lot of people can't be bothered to change professions as their value at the cutting edge waxes/wanes so still go with what they used way back when. (Personally I dropped skinning for inscription when it was added because I have other toons that were skinners).
Herbing gives a nice haste buff but I went for the sockets and enchanted rings due to the 5.1 debacle. At that point I was doing pretty much everything and everything to try and stay competitive.

A lot of people can't be bothered to change professions as their value at the cutting edge waxes/wanes so still go with what they used way back when. (Personally I dropped skinning for inscription when it was added because I have other toons that were skinners).

It's so much easier to level professions than it was in the past. It took me all of 4 hours to switch over to BS. It was expensive but not very time consuming.
04/25/2013 09:19 AMPosted by Pixelle
most priests are tailor/chanter.

Well, probably for tradition's sake. Tailoring goes well with enchanting since it's one the cheapest sources of disenchant material.

Tailoring also allows you to make gear that is raid-quality pre-raid (at the beginning of an expansion).

In terms of buffs, Tailoring allows you to put Spirit on your cloak. Normally, you'd put +180 Intellect on the Cloak. With embroidery, you replace this with a +2000 25% uptime proc (+320 Intellect over the normal enchant like any other tradeskill). The Spirit enchant is +3000 25% uptime, or +750 Spirit. If you value Spirit at greater than 150% of Intellect, it pays off because there isn't a +240 Spirit enchant.

And, of course, Enchanting is a good profession for your main since it tends to have a fair number of faction/raid recipes attached. Enchanting is also a handy profession to have since it allows you to disenchant all the otherwise worthless crap you'll get endlessly running the same raids/dungeons.

wouldn't Jc provide the same stat bonus (but with more profit)?
wouldn't Alch provide the same bonus (but with more economical flasks)?
wouldn't Bs provide more stat boosts?
wouldn't Eng provide more burst (even better as it is on-use as opposed to tailoring's procs)?

Blacksmithing is probably the 'best' choice for virtually any main, especially if you PvP. It is gawdawful expensive to level and provides absolutely no benefits to a cloth caster other than the extra sockets.

Engineering does provide more burst. However, it's an extra hotkey (or macro) you have to consider, it only buffs your primary stat (not a huge limitation with Priests), doesn't stack with on-use trinkets (they have to be used successively rather than concurrently) and is ludicrously bad for moneymaking (even for a crafting skill).
The tailoring cloak enchant is amazing. Then you get the cheap leg enchant.

I went with Tailoring/JC. I have another toon that farms the ore and such.

Honestly, you should also look at how old the characters are that you are polling.
My priest is from Burning Crusade. Back then, if you were a caster and not a Tailor you were way behind, or just an alt that didn't care. It was practically mandatory back then, and it is still good today, so really no reason to unlearn a prof you already have leveled.

I went with the JC again because of BC. It was the hot, new thing and I didn't have it on another toon. It still works nicely for me today.

I do have another priest though, and she is a blacksmith/JC...started when BS/JC combo was the best. I don't think my 3rd priest currently has professions (I haven't played her much since I leveled her).

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