A great group of individuals.
Pain of Salvation has gone downhill since BE. :(
He is referring to an album btw =P
Pain of Salvation has gone downhill since BE. :(

Yeah, Seems like most bands have a hard time following up their concept album.
Ooooo bump for Pain of Salvation! Great friendly folks!
Bump :)
Core spot available for a good dependable healer. Dps OS preferred.
still looking for an exceptional healer and a ranged dps.
Reforming to progress through our 12/12 experience.

Looking for that reliable healer with a love of green pixels. Non pally/druid preferred.

We could also use a ranged dps to possibly take over a core spot.
bumping for a new healer(non pally/priest preferred)
Still looking for that green pixel thrower (non pally/priest preferred). dps OS a plus.

Guild is leveling fast and bosses are going down steadily.
Updated for a core healer and a ranged dps.
Hi very interested. I'm a fast learner with mechanics and dependable for raid times. Currently only 3/12 due to guild inconsistency of raiding and I'm looking for something more core. ilvl 510 frost mage
BT: tinababe#1711
Thx for your interest...Someone will contact you shortly.
Bump! Still in search of a good healer!
LF Healer for core spot.

We have Seddy cookies
Core spot available for leet heals.

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